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Genetic Risk of Heart Disease and how a Personalized Food and Fitness helps
Your genes, gut, biome and lifestyle independently determine your risk of dying of a heart attack or havi ...
Does "vegetarian gene" helps or hurts your employees
A "Vegetarian" gene is hurting or helping your employees . Help them find it and live healthier. Are fats ...
3TandAi to present at Personalized Nutrition Innovation Summit SF June 26-27
Learn how 3TandAI is linking genetics, gut biome, traditional blood markers with food information and con ...
How Personalized Nutrition is changing Diabetes Prevention
  Looking forward to presenting, at Future Food-Tech in New York on June 20, 2018, how 3TandAi's pioneer ...
3TandAi to present at Stanford University Health Technology Innovation Conference
Ranjan Sinha, CEO and Founder of 3Tand Ai will  present at Health Technology Innovation Conference at Sta ...
Cooking Oils are harmful to African Americans because of gene variations
You’ve probably heard time and again how vegetable oils are better for health than animal fats like butte ...

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