Obesity is just the tip
of the iceberg

80% of overweight people have
a comorbidity

We’re a caring, innovative digital therapeutics company focused on empowering individuals who struggle under the misguidance of one-size-fits-all health programs, weight-loss diets and the stigma of poor self-control while fighting poly-chronic weight related inflammatory gut disorders, skin condition, chronic pain, hypertension, elevated cholesterol & diabetes.

23 million

inflammatory skin

30 million

type 2 diabetes

60 million

high cholesterol

70 million

gut disorders

75 million


Connecting the dots

We use AI technology to

Harness established clinical knowledge with evidence-based science of gut microbiome, genetics, and behavioral therapy to deliver precision care programs that reduce obesity and reverse inflammatory illnesses caused by the interaction of lifestyle, genetics and gut microbiome risk.

How it all began

A diagnosis

Despite having always followed food and exercise guidelines, our founder (Ranjan) learned that 3 of his major arteries were blocked. He was urged to have emergency triple bypass surgery, but he declined.

The search

Upset that standard lifestyle advice had failed him, Ranjan combined his expertise in tech with MDs and geneticists, and learned that food can be medicine when consumed to a person’s unique biology.

Sharing success

Ten years later, Ranjan biked the second highest pass in the Himalayas. He has built many successful businesses, but Digbi is a passion. His team is working hard to share his methods for success with the masses.

Our Team

Digbi Health is made up of entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, health coaches, & engineers.

Ranjan Sinha

Founder and CEO

Radhika Anant

Board Director

Salo Sredni

Board Director

Ashok Belani

Board Director

John Morgan

Board Advisor

Dr. Imran Junaid

Chief Medical Officer

Scott Levy

Business Development

Dr. Garima Sharma

Head of Precision Care

Nathan Stott

VP of Engineering

Dr. Singh Rambiritch

Research & MD Network

Dr. Patricia Francis-Lyon Ph.D

Director of Data Analytics

Partners & Advisors

We work with some of the best and brightest in health, nutrition, and fitness and research practice.

Dr. Ashok Mehta
Dr. Ron Sinha
Brock Leonti
Dr. Eldred Taylor
Eileen Schutte
Dr. Bruce Underwood
Dr. Shelby-Lane
Dr. Keerthy Sunder
Dr. John Eck
Dr. Richard-Hamilton
Dr. Robert Marvin
Dr. Kandace Kichler
Dr. Yemi Fatoki
Taylor Engelke
Nick Persichetti
Marietta Amatangelo
Dr. Rajesh Dash
Dr. Sean Bourke
Dr. Lutz Graumann
Ken Albala
Dr. Akil Palanisamy
Dr. Cesar Molina
Dr. Fahim Abbasi
Dr. Mima Geere
Richard Blossom

We’re working
across the globe

United States

800 El Camino Real west Suite 180
Mt View, California 94040


Gopala Krishna Complex, 45/3, Residency Road, MG Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025


19th Floor, Cyber Sigma, Lawton Ave, Mckinley West, Taguig.


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