Our vision.

To make illness optional through personalized health, nutrition and fitness, based on your DNA and gut biome.

Our goal is to create positive change in a person's health destiny by understanding their DNA and gut biome and empowering them with the right food, fitness & lifestyle.




Digbi Health was built at the confluence of health, science & tech, which uniquely allows us to bring personalized nutrition to individuals from all walks of life.


Digbi Health



How it all began.

Founder and CEO of Digbi Health, Ranjan, faced a life threating health crisis at the age of 43. Despite being an avid cyclist, who had never smoked, and who had always followed food, exercise and health guidelines, three of his major arteries were significantly blocked. He was urged to undergo emergency triple bypass surgery, but Ranjan declined.

Upset that standard lifestyle advice had failed him, Ranjan dug into the science of it all and combined his expertise in tech with a group of doctors, geneticists and scientists to find a better solution to his ailing health. He discovered that food – when consumed based upon a person’s unique metabolism, DNA, gut biome and blood markers – can be medicine.

Ten years later, Ranjan biked the second highest pass in the Himalayas with his family. He has built several successful businesses, but Digbi Health is different. It is a passion, and he and his team are working tirelessly to help individuals reach their peak health potential, by precisely adjusting their diet and exercise to align with their DNA and gut biome.

Who we are.

Digbi Health is made up of entrepreneurs, scientists, health coaches, product managers & engineers.

Ranjan Sinha


Scott Levy


Roshni Ricchetti


Coco Baxi

Business Development

Michael Bostic

Design & Engineering

Prashanth Adepu


Riya Paul

Health Coaching

Uday Deshpande

Data Science

Vidhya Singaravel

Product & Operations

Chandana Reddy

Product Management

Sazha Apostol

Health Coaching

Eunice Boco

Health Coaching

Jay Catorce

Health Coaching

Carmel Irudayanathan

Product & Operations

Abid Mahmood


Haider Abbas


Vishnu Ponnaganti


Jade Thorpe



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