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Empower your customers. Understand your customers. Design and deliver personalized food and wellness products to support unique gene, gut biome and lifestyle profiles.

What we offer

FoodRx.AI - The most advanced Personalized Food software platform that uses Ai to link genetic, gut biome, blood marker, demographic, psychographic and lifestyle data with nutrition information and culinary content to design and deliver personalized food products and solutions.

Gain a competitive advantage

  • Develop, test and deliver a personalized product experience based on a deep understanding of your customer’s biology, lifestyle and health needs.
  • Gain deep customer insight and engagement by using our food, phenotype, gene and gut biome analytics engine.
  • Create a personalized product and recipe finder.

A Personalization in a box solution

  • Powerful SaaS platform which is easy to customize and that we can co-develop with you.
  • HIPPA compliant, secure and capable of powerful data integration.
  • Connects with 23andme.
  • Connects with wearables and personal health devices.
  • We manage shipment of test kits, DNA and gut analysis, customer service and personalized data integration.
  • Pre-approved IRB and health institution partnerships to conduct market and human trials.
  • Easy to deploy personalized recommendation engine for your website based on genes, gut biome and lifestyle.

Evidence-based food and health science

  • Personalized health information, food products and solutions.
  • Genes and gut bacteria collectively determine each of your customers’ health, their potential to perform at their peak capacity, and their ability to prevent and reverse disease. Empower them with the most powerful personalized health information and advanced tools available.
  • Curated over 12,000 reputed research papers & studies in genetics, gut biome, metabolic markers, food and health.
  • Conducting large scale multi-ethnic human trials.
  • Working with the US Dept. of Defense to create personalized food products.

Our partners

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Our HIPAA compliant SaaS Food personalization platform is easy to deploy, simple to use, secure to access, connects with major test kits and devices, and provides unprecedented engagement and insights into your customers. We work with R&D teams to provide you a competitive advantage - allowing you to provide customers with food that they’ll enjoy and that will work well for their body.


B2B Personalized Food & Wellness SaaS Platform


Establish Bio-Individuality

Aggregate genome, biome, and phenotype data, as well as lifestyle preferences for an individual.

gut biome
blood markers
lifestyle & taste


Analyze & Recommend using AI based Cloud Solution

Harness 20 years of reputed research in food, genetics, gut biome, lifestyle and medicine to simplify personalized wellness.

food database
peer reviewed
recipes &
physician reviewed


Codevelop Solutions

Simplify personalized wellness for life.

personalized nutrition
meal kits
corporate cafeteria

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