We reverse weight related gut, skin and insulin disorders, hypertension, cholesterol and chronic pain.

gut disorders

and lost 16 lbs

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sciatica pain

and lost 26 lbs

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skin health

and lost 15 lbs

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Disease risks are heterogeneous and vary by gender and ethnicity, and are rooted in genes, the gut microbiome, and lifestyle risk.

Obesity and its comorbidities affect business

30% - 40%

of a workforce is obese

2x workers comp

Obese employees file 2x as many worker comp claims.

$73 billion absenteeism

Obesity absenteeism costs employers $73 billion/year.

90% chronic conditions

Chronic conditions account for 90% of healthcare claims.


Suffer from
IBS/acid reflux


Suffer from
musculoskeletal pain


Suffer from
cardiovascular issues

Stop rejiggering homogeneous half solutions. Protect your diverse workforce with the first digital care platform to connect all the dots.

Endorsed by payers

See below for the results of our Blue Shield of California partnership.

full press release
8.92% weight-loss
72% of Blue Shield members saw an avg weight loss of 8.92%.
1.01% a1c decline
Diabetes/prediabetes members saw a decline of 1.01% in A1c.
75% IBS/acid ref. reduction
75% of Blue Shield members saw a reduction in IBS & acid reflux.
75% Headache relief
75% of Blue Shield members saw relief from headache/migraines.
66% anxiety decrease
66% of Blue Shield members saw a decrease in anxiety.
66% chronic pain lowered
66% of Blue Shield members saw lower levels of chronic pain.

Trusted by employers

  Digbi has been a true partner by providing webinars on various health topics, coupled with offering personalized weight management programs based on each person's DNA and gut biome to all of our employees.  

Rob Davenport

Wellness Manager for County of Ventura

Loved by employees

“ Access to a personalized wellness program, and one that’s literally ‘home-delivered’ has made it easier for me to get started and follow through. ”


“ As a nurse testing for COVID-19 and a mom of four young children, I needed to take time to focus on my physical and mental health. I have hyperthyroidism, eczema, and acne from stress. I'm now down 15 pounds in six weeks, doing yoga and have cleared up my skin conditions just through diet and lifestyle changes with Digbi. ”


“ Digbi Health’s coaches are amazing at what they do! The weekly calls usually involve a good deal of introspection and tons of fun. This is probably the first time I’ve looked forward to talking to someone about my weight. “


Results employers and your employees care about

Money saved

Members are seeing a 45% reduction in out-of-pocket co-pays.

Health improvements

68% of members are seeing improvements in their cobesities.

Less medication

Members are seeing a 65% reduction in medication for comorbidities.

What you get

Gene and gut biome kit
We learn the bio-individuality of clients with gene/gut-biome kits.
Unlimited coaching calls
While in the program, clients get unlimited 1-on-1 coaching calls.
The app
The app helps guide our clients and connects them to their coach.
Access thousands of ethnic and cuisine specific recipes.
Risk reports
Learn risks based on genes/gut in regards to diet, lifestyle & exercise.
Bluetooth digital health devices from Fitbit, Apple and Google.
Access our Facebook community for challenges and rewards.
Gut biome monitoring
Extend the program and monitor the shift in your gut health.
Telehealth consultations
Consultations with doctors on Digbi's precision care MD network.

Employee outreach


Webinars tailored to the needs of your company. Learn more.

Zoom cooking sessions

A dash of fun and a pinch of fun with Zoom based cooking sessions.

Expert-led info sessions

Talk with healthcare professionals about weight-related illnesses.

Digbi Cares webinars curated for
HR leaders, benefits administrators,
TPAs and health insurers

upcoming webinars


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