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Healthy Employees make for a more effective, happier work environment. Empower your employees with access to genetic, gut biome, food and exercise health information. Help them reduce their healthcare costs and allow them to lead healthier, longer and more nourished lives.

What we offer

With rapid advancements in gene and gut biome sequencing, employers can now provide confidential access to powerful, genetic and gut biome information to their diverse workforce. You will empower your employees with a proven personalized health, ethnic specific food and culturally sensitive lifestyle plan. You will enable your staff and their families to prevent and reverse many illnesses based on their unique genes, ethnicity and food habits.

Recognize individualized risks

  • 4 out of 10 employees have unique illness, obesity and diabetes risk that are determined by their genes and gut biome as well as the food that they eat
  • Disease risks and lifestyle are ethnic specific. Recognize your workforce diversity and the underlying biological reasons behind their wellness.

Personalized tools

  • Our advanced SaaS personalized food and wellness platform is transforming your employees (and their families) health by linking genetics, blood markers and gut biome science with food and exercise.
  • Give them access to right foods and exercise at home, work and travel based on their bio-individuality vs. one size fits all tools.

Evidence-based health science

  • Genes and gut bacteria collectively determine each of your employees’ health, their potential to perform at their peak capacity, and their ability to prevent and reverse disease. Empower them (and their families) with the most powerful personalized health information and advanced tools available.

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Our HIPAA compliant SaaS platform is easy to deploy, secure to access, simple to use and provides unprecedented engagement and results for your at risk employees. They carry unique health risks that current one size fits all programs do not address. We can work with your wellness team, your food suppliers to co-develop plans that allow your employees access to food that they'll enjoy that will work well with their unique biologies.

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