The first precision
care program

Optimized for a
diverse workforce

We reverse weight related gut, skin and insulin disorders, hypertension, cholesterol and chronic pain.


Lost 9 lbs

gut disorder

Lost 13 lbs

blood pressure

Lost 75 lbs

Corporate wellness programs personalized to your employee’s gut microbiome, genetic risks, ethnicity, gender and lifestyle.

Benefiting 400+

Transforming lives of 3 million employees. Our programs are Personalized for higher engagement and superior health outcomes.

Covered by insurance

Covered by Blue Shield of California

There are over 65,000 in the Blue Shield of California network.

Blue Shield of California has over 4.3 million members.

98% of those in BSCA programs finish & rave about their experience.

Weight related illnesses effect business

30% - 40%

of a workforce is overweight

Workers Compensation

Obese employees file twice as many worker compensation claims.

Employee absenteeism

Obesity-related absenteeism costs employers $73 billion a year.

Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions account for 90% of annual healthcare claims.

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