Our team

When you partner with Digbi Health, you tap into a multi-disciplinary network of experts in the fields of medicine, nutrition, academia, and business. Countless hours of study and real-world experience from clinical partners and trusted advisors inform every aspect of the high-quality services we provide.

Clinical partners

Rajesh Dash, MD, PhD.

Medical Director at Stanford South Asian Translational Heart Initiative (SSATHI), Assistant Professor Cardiovascular Medicine

Ronesh Sinha, MD

Medical Director, Employer Services at Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Founder, Cultural Health Solutions

Cesar Molina, MD, FACC

El Camino Hospital. Medical Director, South Asian Heart Center. President, Heart & Vascular Associates

Mima Geere, MD. MS Nutrition

Mima Geere, MD. MS Nutrition, Medical Director, Genova Diagnostics

Fahim Abbasi, MD

Pre-diabetes Specialist Stanford Health Care, Clinical Assistant Professor Stanford Medical

Akil Palanisamy, MD

Integrative Medicine Practioner, Author of “The Paleovedic Diet”

Prajakta Ranade

Certified Diabetes Educator at Stanford Health Care

Expert advisors

Richard Blossom

Social Entrepreneur - Founder at Hilltribe Organics & Perfect Earth Foods. Previously President Asia-Pacific at Pepsi Beverages, Executive Director at Del Monte Foods.

Ashish Mathur

Co-founder & Executive Director at South Asian Heart Center.

Ken Albala

Professor of History and Chair of the Master of Arts in Food Studies program, at Pacific's San Francisco.