Jade Thorpe

June 12, 2018

How Personalized Nutrition is changing Diabetes Prevention


Looking forward to presenting, at Future Food-Tech in New York on June 20, 2018, how Digbi Health's pioneering diabetes prevention uses an individual's gut biome and gene based information to create personalized nutrition and fitness solutions.

+300 food business leaders, innovative start-ups and VC investors are gathering in New York.

As consumers are increasingly expecting a more sophisticated approach to personalization in food, how well developed is the integration and interpretation process of personalized nutrition?
• Where products are optimized for specific health benefits or nutritional requirements, how can food manufacturers deliver personalization to the masses?
• Does the average consumer see sufficient value in personalized nutrition in its current state? What technical and implementation challenges still exist? Who can provide trusted and actionable solutions? Can data help change behavior? How can consumers interpret and better understand the science?
• What are the principle drivers behind consumer adoption? What is the role of digitization and home tech? How are consumers using technology to drive health-related dietary decisions?
• How are tailored meal kits being used to deliver personalized nutrition solutions to consumers, and could this be the business model by which meal kit companies differentiate themselves to succeed?

Session Chair:
Alexis Fox, Chief Empowerment Officer, LIGHTER
Kou Qin, Vice President of BGI Health, BEIJING GENOMICS INSTITUTE
Mehdi Maghsoodnia, CEO, VITAGENE
Joshua Anthony, Founding CSO, HABIT
Ranjan Sinha, CEO, Digbi Health

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