A quick snapshot
of your health journey
Healthy employees = happy company.

Discover our wellness plans that can prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes and obesity for your diverse workforce and their families.

What you'll get
What to do
Stay informed, stay healthy

Week 0: Begin your personalized health journey

  • Self-assessment of your current health, lifestyle, and family history
  • A package from Digbi Health, that will help you sample your genes and gut for us.
  • Register yourself at FoodRx.3TandAi.com, and fill out the Intake Forms (Lifestyle, Metabolic, Six Pack, and Ayurvedic Assessment)
  • If you haven’t had recent bloodwork done, schedule a blood test with your physician or local lab.
  • Watch introductory video explaining personalized nutrition and your planned health journey for the next 1 year.

Week #1: Introduction to the program

  • A recommended nutrition plan based on your body markers, if you’ve shared them
  • A comprehensive report on genetics and metabolism once your samples are analyzed
  • Schedule a program orientation with a trained personal health coach
  • Get up to speed with your personalized health dashboard
  • Set clear, achievable goals for the first 16-weeks of the program (we’ll help!)
  • Start the CDC’s rigorously tested journey toward preventing Type 2 Diabetes and setting your 6 month health goals.

Week #2: Get active eat healthly

  • Access to 500,000+ recipes on your health dashboard
  • Superfoods and Badfoods according to your bio-individuality
  • Create an achievable ‘get active’ plan with us
    with scheduled exercise and physical activity suited to your schedule
  • Learn about finding innovative ways to be active,
    finding time and conditioning your mind for exercise.

Weeks #3-5: Track and correct your food intake and activity

  • By week 4, we should have your gut and gene data ready for us to analyze.
  • By week 5, your complete wellness report will show up on your dashboard
  • Tools to precisely track your food intake and activity on your dashboard
  • Set your food preferences, and share with us the challenges you’re facing
  • Schedule an online consult with a health coach to deep dive into your wellness report and figure how food, exercise and stress affect your body
  • Compare your recommended lifestyle with the one you currently have
  • Learn how to track your food intake and body activity and how to tackle challenges
  • Deep dive with a health expert into food intake timing, burning more carbs than you take in, and learning what your gut biome says about you

Weeks #6-9: Shop healthy and build positive lifestyle changes

  • Access your shopping list creator, linked to your personalized meal recommendations
  • Guidance on shopping for and cooking healthy food
  • Your unique Superfoods and Badfoods, whether at home or away
    Learn to cope with stress through advanced techniques
  • Create and print out your grocery shopping lists, personalized for you
  • Plan your meals and snacks a week in advance
  • Learn healthy cooking habits with our health experts
  • Learn to cope with stress through advanced techniques
  • Advanced content on types of body fat and how to burn it, including exercise recommendations

Weeks #10-12: Transition to a healthy body and mind

  • By week 10, you will receive your gut biome change report, measuring your progress
  • By week 12, you’ll receive your 3rd gut biome kit for course conclusion reports
  • Find Time for fitness in your schedule
  • Take charge of your thoughts, replacing harmful triggers with helpful triggers
  • Involve others to help support you in your health journey
  • Learn about taking care of your heart, and dealing with unhealthy triggers
  • Advanced content on eating healthy in restaurants, social events, and while traveling

Weeks #13-16: Take charge of your health

  • You overall results for better health and lifestyle, mapped to your dashboard
  • An organic health plan you can adopt, perfected over these 16 weeks
  • Reflect on and analyze your progress to keep making positive changes
  • Schedule a 2 minute fitness break every 30 minutes
  • Improve your sleep schedule
  • Stay motivated over time
  • Advanced content about Type 2 Diabetes, and a deeper understanding of carbs

Months #4-12: Keep up your good work

  • Pointers for how to maintain the changes you’ve made over the first 16 weeks.
  • Continuous tracking of your health metrics and goals
  • Check-ins by Digbi Health every month on your planned progress
  • A final deep dive session with a health expert to go over your journey so far and what lies ahead
  • Reflect on and analyze your progress, so you can keep making positive changes
  • Keep your motivation going and prevent Type 2 diabetes over your lifetime.
  • Schedule monthly sessions with a health coach
  • Certified content on staying motivated over time and on preventing Type 2 diabetes over your lifetime
  • Advanced content each month on eating well, staying fit, and keeping disease free.