Ranjan Sinha

August 24, 2021

Jumpstart your weight loss and mental health, empower your DNA and Gut Microbiome

Your body comprises 30 Trillion cells containing your unique DNA. No two human beings have the same genetic code. We each have our unique physiology; how your body reacts and responds to food and weight loss is especially unique to you.

Imagine a health-full life!

Today, metabolic disorders, chronic pain, stress and anxiety - all of which are symptoms of inflammation lead people to try and lose weight through whatever is “fashionable” diet, and even consume medication. Oftentimes, these medicines are unnecessary or easily treatable with simple modifications to diet and lifestyle, and if there’s any weight loss, it all comes back with a vengeance - all too soon! Sounds familiar?

Every person deserves to live a strong and healthy life, in a world where chronic mental and lifestyle illnesses are an exception, not the norm.

Science to our rescue

Imagine a life where you completely understand how your genes regulate your response to different foods, and how your gut biome interacts with them! You could then provide your body with only foods that truly energize it, work as medicine, and clear the imbalances such as brain fog, anxiety, and even elevate your mood. Imagine, for once, treating the cause and not the symptoms.

The Fascinating Gut-Brain axis!

Studies today have sufficiently linked imbalances in the gut microbiota with mental health disorders like depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. A growing body of evidence points to the gut–brain axis playing a role in mental health. Essentially, the gut microbiota can modulate the gut-brain axis through microbial compositions and multiple mechanisms.

The gut-brain axis is a fascinating and complex system; research suggests that Gut microbiota may influence brain function through neural, endocrine, and immune pathways. This axis links the cognitive as well as emotional centers of the brain. It does so via the intestine and its functions.
The gut microbiome, also known as the eyes and ears of the immune system, has a significant impact on the brain, influencing stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, and social behavior.
Newer findings connect the gut microbiome to your social network; the more diverse your gut microbiota.

How Digbi helps with personalized health reports specific to Gut & Genes

Video by Digbi Health

“I finally feel like I got the instruction manual to my life.”
Among the many members who have undergone transformational weight loss and achieved great gut and overall health - is Maryellen. The instruction manual is her personalized health report (which informed her of her unique predisposition to food), and helped her develop her diet and exercise, specific to her unique physiology.

Digbi programs thrive because genetic risk and gut microbiome-related food recommendation studies have shown remarkable potential for obesity and related inflammatory disorders. Digbi acknowledges their unique physiology and delivers data-driven personalized care, supported by specialist coaches. At Digbi Health, 76% of customers noticed a reduction in mental health issues. 67% reversed brain fog, and 65% of customers reported an anxiety reduction.

Jumpstart Highlights:

  1. Digbi Jumpstart is an affordable step towards inviting Great gut health and wellbeing into your life.
  2. At only $19.99 - you can start a wellness health program tailored to your gut biome and genetics that treats the cause and not the symptoms.
  3. Your GUT is unique, understanding it precisely helps doctors and specialists design a nutrition plan specific to your data.
  4. Reverse IBS, Bloating, Heartburn, Indigestion, constipation and more by tailored diets.
  5. Lose weight naturally, access a personalized health report -- unique to your gut flora
  6. Unlock unlimited access to customized meal plans, Specialist coaching, tailored nutrition and comprehensive food guides.

Your Gut is your second brain!

There’s a reason why the gut is called the second brain.
We have all faced the butterflies-in-your-stomach sensation. This sensation is an extensive network of neurons that line our GUT flora. We must stop overlooking it and look to our GUT for answers that define our weight loss, health, and happiness.

Video by Digbi Health

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