Ranjan Sinha

Master’s degree from Wharton
Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Life’s Mission

Ranjan is the founder of Digbi Health, a caring & innovative digital therapeutics company committed to reversing poly-chronic inflammatory illnesses through DNA & Gut Microbiome-based personalization.

Ranjan is passionate about using food and lifestyle as medicine. He successfully addressed his life-threatening cardio-metabolic disorder, which inspired him to help thousands address similar challenges to live healthy, disease-free lives.

Experience & Education

He began his career at Apple, where he found his love for building products and has since curated large data software, human resources services, and wellness businesses. He’s a Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Ranjan obtained his master’s degree from Wharton and his engineering degree from IIT, Roorkee; he completed his Nutrition Studies at Cornell University.

He has built many successful businesses, but Digbi is a passion. Digbi team is working hard to make chronic mental and lifestyle illnesses optional. How? Through personalized gut microbiome-based, whole-person care.

The Dream Called Digbi

Having followed food and exercise guidelines, Ranjan learned that 3 of his major arteries were blocked. He declined to have an emergency triple bypass surgery.

Upset that standard lifestyle advice had failed him, Ranjan combined his expertise in tech with MDs and geneticists. He learned that food is medicine when tailored to a person’s unique biology. Ten years later, Ranjan biked the second highest pass in the Himalayas.