Ranjan Sinha

October 29, 2021

Take charge of your gut microbiome for life changing results

Food is the medicine you need to nourish the good bacteria in your body; through Digbi, Dodie found that her gut bugs enjoy asparagus. For years, she tried to shed off the weight, the depression, and other diseases that come with it- but to no avail. Thanks to Digbi, Dodie grasped that the one-fit-size-for-all approach was not for her. She turned to her body for the answers -- and her Gut Microbiome and DNA (genetics) were vital in fetching the right diet and a personalized nutrition plan for her.

Dodie unlocked the door to a personalized weight loss program that helped educate her about her unique gut flora and DNA and transformed her into “a happier, more content, and healthy, not agitated person.” Dodie needed a personalized, individual approach to reclaim her gut health and happiness. We all do.

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Why is Gut Microbiome the buzzword in healthcare today!

"Microbiome" is a term used for the diverse and vast, still unknown bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms. Bacteria, fungi, viruses are present everywhere we look, we touch- every surface, including inside our bodies. Nearly 40 trillion - our bodies have more bacteria than the number of cells. These microbes thrive in our digestive system -- our stomach, intestines, and gallbladder. They are collectively known as the gut microbiome. These teeny-tiny organisms consume what we eat, carry out digestion. and strengthen our immune system.

Did you know that the 21st Century is known as the “Era of the Gut Microbiome?" So far, science has only scratched the surface on decoding the role of trillions of gut bacteria and their connection to human health and disease.

Up until 10-15 years ago, medicine dealt with microbes as pathogens. Microbes were synonyms of sickness. With the advancement of next-generation sequencing platforms, we can catalog the diverse microbes present in a given environment. Today, science has led the way to analyze their gene expression, the proteins, and other molecules they produce to understand the microbe activity.

Research has shown that the unrest the body faces has most likely initiated at the gut level. How? Studies have confirmed that the disruptions in the realm of the microbial world often cause diabetes, obesity, critical illnesses, GI diseases, and mental health disorders.

How Digbi uses diagnostic signatures and therapeutic pathways In terms of polychronic, Digbi breaks diseases into two halves. On the left-hand side are mostly cardiometabolic, hypertension, pre-diabetes, and diabetes-- highly driven by insulin-related issues.

On the right-hand side are mental and digestive health disorders; these whisper illnesses include inflammatory skin & chronic pain conditions. There happens to be a stigma associated with whisper illnesses; people don't talk about it, especially in the employer environment.


A certain kind of treatment may work for one health condition, but the same treatment may not respond well to other conditions. Digbi considers all these factors and works with members to eliminate and reduce illnesses and lose weight naturally.

Illnesses manifest because of a mismatch between the host genetics and the gut microbiome, causing an inflammatory response. When Digbi looks at a member with three or four illnesses, members do not get directed towards four digital apps or digital programs; Digbi looks at the member holistically.

Digbi Programs put the member at the center of care
How? We analyze the signals from a member's gene and the gut microbiome. We take into consideration their food habits, their lifestyle vitals beyond the medical vitals. This knowledge equips us to focus on making a 20 percent difference to a member’s lifestyle. This 20% change has an 80% impact on the individual's health. And this makes the program unique.

Analyzing Gut Microbiome & DNA
Your gut is home to millions of different kinds of bacteria. We sample your stool to get a snapshot of which kind inhabits your system. Next, we analyze your gut microbiome analysis. Then, we curate the latest wellness and microbiome research to produce a report about what your stool says about your health.

From your saliva swab, we get samples of your DNA or your genes. These samples help us understand your DNA markup. We curate the latest wellness and genetics research to produce a report about what your genes say about your health, body, and wellness. We process the swab and stool sample in the lab.

Using food as an intervention
We look at the person's genome and the microbiome composition of the gut to understand how your genes regulate your response to different foods and how your gut biome interacts with them. We then provide members with only foods that work as medicine and clear the imbalances such as brain fog. These foods help reduce anxiety and even elevate your mood. We use food as medicine to treat the cause and not the symptoms masking the cause.

Personalized wellness is an opportunity for cost reduction in the healthcare system

Obesity and hypertension are an epidemic. And mental health has only gotten worse. Tackling digestive issues early on plays a vital role in preventing diseases like obesity and hypertension and improving the quality of the individual’s life.

Microbes are a vital part of what makes humans; we can no longer dismiss them as germs or pathogens. They hold a profound influence on our health. Digbi has helped Dodie and thousands of others who have found health and happiness by understanding their gut flora and genes.

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