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Wisdom, Loneliness, Mental Health And Their Link With The Gut Microbiome
When we come across the terms “wise old man” or “wise old woman,” it hardly ever occurs to us to correlat ...
The advantages of a changing gut microbiome as you age
Some people grow more versatile with age...both inside and out!A recent study has shown that changes in t ...
Webinar Summary- Reversing Hypertension: Putting Your Genetics And Gut Biome To Work
This is a summary of the webinar on "Reversing Hypertension: Putting your Genetics and Gut Biome to work" ...
The many forms of knee pain and the tools to make it better
The knee is the largest joint in our body, and a complex one. Cartilage cushions the knee joint and keeps ...
Meet the MYCObiota: the fungi that inhabit the human intestine
Much of the research on the gut microbiome has focused on its biggest component, the bacteria that inhabi ...

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