Ranjan Sinha

July 10, 2020

A dynamic solution for your diverse workforce

At the outset of 2020, CEOs had a lot on their minds – the looming threat of recession, new competition, trade wars, climate change, and an ongoing talent shortage - the usual weighty issues. Fast forward six months and employee safety and wellbeing are the top priority for 71% of them.

The world is in turmoil. And while many businesses grapple for survival, the wiser ones know that their success and continuity depend on employee safety. Today, safety goes well beyond the limits of physical health. 45% of American Adults worry that the coronavirus crisis has had a negative impact on their mental health. The mental health of your employees is no longer something you can brush under the rug. Harping on the ideology that “a happy workforce equals better productivity”, businesses need to establish a digital care program that covers all aspects of the employee’s life- whether professional or personal.

Your workforce is diverse and so are their needs. What you need is a solution that accounts for diversity and offers accurate recommendations and alterations in small amounts. And that’s just what DigbiCares does. It’s a one-size-fits-one digital solution that leverages data to drive healthier outcomes within your workforce.

Here are a few reasons you should consider adding a “digital care program” to the management of obesity within your diverse workforce:

  1. Boost productivity and reduce absence- Being overweight negatively impacts productivity to a great extent. Additionally, obese people are more susceptible to other health risks that lead to absenteeism within the organization. Our program leverages data and intelligence to improve the overall health and productivity of your employees. All this from the safety of their homes through our mobile app.
  2. Engage employees- Organizations with engaged employees report 37% less absence, 65% less turnover, 21% higher productivity, and 22% higher profitability. Digital care solutions will engage employees outside the scope of their work. It makes them feel valued as people and in turn, breeds trust and loyalty. A program that sets up a community where people can exchange ideas and access experts and recipes can make a difference that matters.
  3. Leads to a healthy future- Wellness programs help employees lead a healthy balanced life. Inculcating healthy habits within your workforce, in turn, improves their wellbeing in the long run. Healthy behaviors help reduce health risks that can lead to chronic diseases. A healthy diet and daily exercise regimen can help battle various conditions including obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. We connect the data dots to recommend minor changes that make a big difference.
  4. Reduce health care costs- The employer spends on an employee with chronic conditions is quadruple the amount spent on a healthy person. By adopting a digital care program, you can enable your employees to become their best selves and save costs in the long haul. Our solution lays the foundation for a healthier future with personalized plans for meals, anxiety, stress, and sleep management.
  5. Health at the safety of home- 46% of consumers are comfortable with trying our telehealth services in the present. Digital healthcare solutions are data-driven and hyper-customizable for each user. Our mobile application offers one-on-one coaching sessions with health and lifestyle experts.

Weight loss is a subjective journey that’s far from easy, but not impossible. Support your diverse workforce’s wellbeing with DigbiCares™. An AI-driven digital care program that connects the dots between your DNA and Gut microbiome, and your habits- diet, lifestyle, exercise, and medications. It delivers reports and helps you monitor and track your journey towards a healthier you. Make employee health a key priority and Digbi your partner of choice.

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