Ranjan Sinha

August 24, 2023

Breaking Language Barriers in Healthcare: Digbi Health Leads in Expanding Precision Biology to Spanish-Speaking Underserved Communities

In a groundbreaking move, Digbi Health is expanding its reach to include Spanish-speaking communities, offering genetic and gut health results in Spanish. This initiative not only breaks down language barriers but also addresses the unique genetic and gut microbiome characteristics prevalent in these communities.

The Need for Linguistic Inclusion in Healthcare

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 41 million people in the United States speak Spanish at home1. Despite this, healthcare services often fall short in providing linguistically inclusive care. This gap in healthcare accessibility can lead to misdiagnoses, ineffective treatments, and ultimately, health disparities. Digbi Health is committed to filling this void by offering its cutting-edge Precision Biology solutions in Spanish.

Unique Genetic and Gut Microbiome Characteristics

Spanish-speaking communities often have a rich, diverse ancestry that includes a mix of Indigenous, European, and African roots. This unique genetic makeup can influence how individuals respond to medications, lifestyle changes, and even how they metabolize food. Additionally, research has shown that gut microbiome diversity can vary significantly based on ethnicity and geographical location2.

Digbi Health’s Differentiated Approach

Digbi Health’s innovative platform consolidates millions of diverse data points across genetics, the progression of gut microbiome, metabolic, health, and disease markers. This comprehensive approach allows us to unearth patentable signatures, generate impactful obesity risk profiles, and stratify patient care accurately for treatment. Our unique contactable data set appeals to top pharmaceutical and food companies, positioning us as a leader in the field.


By offering genetic and gut health results in Spanish, Digbi Health is not just breaking language barriers; we are pioneering a more inclusive future in healthcare. Our commitment to understanding the unique genetic and gut microbiome characteristics of Spanish-speaking communities sets us apart, making Precision Biology accessible to all.

“¡Salud y bienestar para todos! – Health and Wellness for all!”

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