Ranjan Sinha

May 25, 2022

Promote workplace diversity with a customized gut care program for your employees

Today’s workforce is diverse across gender, ethnicity, and ancestry. As employers, it is important that health equity and inclusion are prioritized while delivering health care programs.

The relationship between genetics, gut diversity, and the risk of chronic illnesses has been known for years. But only recently have forward-looking Benefits and Rewards leaders, given it the attention it deserves. Genes along with the community of microorganisms that live in the gut, influence our food allergies, nutrient absorption, injury proneness, and even the risk of long-term chronic illnesses!

60% of the U.S workforce suffers from more than 1 chronic illness and 40% struggle with behavioral health challenges. The current digital healthcare options for polychronic individuals are either fragmented or have common cures irrespective of their genes and ancestry.

To promote health equity and inclusion in the workplace, chronic illnesses have to be managed from the lens of deep individualization based on gut microbiome and genetics. Instead of masking and managing symptoms (an approach commonly seen with clinical treatments), solving for the root cause of chronic issues ensures that employees live long and disease-free lives.

Digbi Health simplifies this process by providing whole-person care based on individual needs and the unique biology of employees. Digbi supports people of diverse backgrounds and develops tailored plans through nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for weight management, cardio-metabolic, and digestive-mental health care.

The program is not only a one-stop solution for employees' overall well-being but is also easy for employers to integrate with their current benefits stack.

What do employees get with Digbi Health?

    • At home gut microbiome genetic kit
      No more visits to clinics! Members submit their gut and genetic kits from the convenience of their own homes. Once you ship the kit, the lab then processes the results and provides you with detailed reports on your gut health.

    • An app
      Digbi app is a unified platform that tracks progress and monitors health remotely and allows our experts to extend virtual care.

  • Personal health coach
    Digbi offers a personal coach who supports members every step of the way through the app and through one-on-one coaching sessions.

Digbi Health is a cutting-edge, forward-thinking digital care startup that leverages the gut microbiome, genetics, clinical signals, food, and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide patients with polychronic illnesses with simple, effective, whole-person precision care.

Introduce your employees to their genetics and gut microbes to give them the opportunity to live a healthy, disease-free life. Please schedule a consult here to know more.

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