Ranjan Sinha

November 15, 2021

Whole-person Care: Addressing Digestive Health in the Workplace

Health, as we know, is never one-size-fits-all.

Paul, an employee with a Fortune 500 company, had nagging gut-related issues that affected his productivity and general well-being. His journey to good health began with Digbi, allowing him to understand his unique genetics and gut flora. His genetics and gut report further uncovered one vital detail; rather than relying on exercise alone -- diet modification would help him shed extra pounds. Following his unique plan with constant guidance from his Digbi coach, Paul reduced his gut and anxiety issues and lost 16 pounds. Not surprisingly, it also resulted in Paul being significantly more happy, focused, and productive at work.

The truth is close to 70 million Americans deal with digestive issues. That’s twice as many as diabetes. People with digestive issues are often prescribed pharmaceutical medications or recommended surgeries. Those trying to self-manage their digestive disorders typically retreat to expensive OTC products that merely mask the symptoms rather than treating the root cause.

Did you know?

  1. The annual cost for gastrointestinal diseases is a whopping $136 billion- much more than heart disease & trauma.
  2. Abdominal pain is the reason for 22 million doctor visits.
  3. Close to 8 million emergency visits occur annually for digestion-related issues.

These jaw-dropping figures speak volumes about the daily struggles of employees at the workplace.

Digestive Issues = Silent Suffering

Employees silently suffer while incurring high costs of medication and surgeries. Why is that? There is a stigma associated with digestive illnesses, making conversations around them uncomfortable. Further, they decrease an employee’s overall health, productivity at work, and overall quality of life. These conditions, while uncomfortable for employees, directly translate into extremely high costs for employers. Much of which is preventable.

Gastrointestinal diseases are a significant contributor to the decline in health, quality of life, mental focus, and ability to work with individuals living with it. What happens next? Employers deal with soaring healthcare costs that are preventable.

The Importance of Addressing Gut Health

The diverse gut bacteria in our system can influence how prone our bodies are to disease.
Research has increasingly shown that wellness, the gut microbiome, and gut health are interrelated.

Digbi Health offers employees a holistic, whole-person, gut-based care program as part of their health coverage, initiating a dialogue about digestive health in the workplace.

No two individuals have the same genetic code; each individual has a unique gut microbiota composition. That translates to the often-ignored fact that each member of your diverse workforce is different - meaning, a universal healthcare solution will not work for all.

Through a single digital-care application, Digbi addresses the root cause of many physical and mental illnesses. How? By tailoring care to a person’s gut microbiome, genetics, food, and lifestyle.

There’s a reason why Digbi programs are recommended by doctors:
A healthy gut allows employees to maximize productivity, reduce sick days, and reduce costs associated with medications and doctor visits for easily fixable health issues. It also results in the reversal of metabolic disorders and reduces or completely reverses the need for surgeries.

With Digbi, it’s always Gut, first!
Digbi’s Gut-based whole-person care delivers immediate savings and has transformed thousands of lives, much like Paul’s.

Have questions? You can always reach us at ask@digbihealth.com

Image by Digbi Health

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