Ranjan Sinha

August 04, 2020

Upgrade client experiences with a digital care program that changes lives

COVID-19 has changed the way healthcare works. 72% of US consumers have changed the way they use traditional healthcare. With all the risks that loom, people feel uncomfortable visiting the hospital. The circumstances have taken health insurance from a position of priority to being an absolute necessity. As insurance brokers, it’s up to you to understand the current trends and deliver a difference.

Let’s dig into the data. Over 40% of American adults suffer from obesity. And 80% of them have one or more weight-related comorbidities such as weight-related inflammatory gut disorders, skin condition, chronic pain, hypertension, elevated cholesterol & diabetes. Coverage for overweight and obese employees is 1.3 to 1.8 times that of a healthy individual and four to eight times for individuals with chronic and complex chronic diseases. Chronic conditions account for 90% of annual healthcare claims.

It’s time to prioritize the needs of your customers. And they need a solution that helps them lose weight and get healthy. Enhance the experiences you deliver with Digbi, a unique precision care digital program that’s:

Personalized- DigbiCares is a gut biome and genetics-based solution that uses AI to create a diet and workout plan based on an individual’s DNA profile. It’s not about weight loss but making a lifestyle change. It’s a personal development journey with health goals that are customized and simplified, leveraging the power of AI.

Digitalized- Telehealth applications are quickly gaining ground and 89% of the users who’ve tried them are satisfied with their experiences. Our app helps the user monitor and track progress, schedule calls with a coach, and gives her/him a unique “recipe” for a healthy life. It uses AI and 20 years of research to prescribe recommendations based on the user’s genetic profile.

Comprehensive- It connects the dots between diet, lifestyle, exercise, and medication, which is then mapped back to the user’s genetic profile (Gut and DNA). Based on the analysis, Digbi recommends the most effective diet and fitness plan.

Effective- 87% of the users lose weight and can reverse key metabolic risks with our solution. It can enable remission or reduction of specific comorbidities of obesity.

For our users, Digbi reduced IBS and acid reflux by 80%, headaches/migraines by 75%, chronic pain and anxiety by 66% each, and sleep apnea by 50%. The numbers speak for themselves.

When a product gets commoditized, it’s the experiences delivered that make a difference. Most businesses offer supplementary services to attract and retain customers. It’s time to look beyond traditional health to holistic wellness. Although weight loss isn’t a cure-all for every ailment, it helps manage more than a few. Delivering a personalised care program as an add-on service can go a long way with your customers. What’s more? Healthy customers help mitigate your costs in the long run.

Choose Digbi. A solution that creates a healthier tomorrow for you and your customers. Contact us at partner@digbihealth.com to experience our personalized

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