Ranjan Sinha

August 06, 2021

How Digbi Interprets Your Gut’s Signals

Understanding why Gut Health is Important

About 40 trillion - our bodies literally have more bacteria than the number of cells we have. Although these are present throughout our bodies, most of them reside in the gastrointestinal tract - which comprises our stomach, intestines, gall bladder and more. These microbes that thrive in our digestive system are collectively known as the gut microbiome. They consume what we eat, and give back by conducting necessary activities like digestion and the upkeep of our immune systems.

Recent studies have confirmed the role of the gut biome to be more expansive than was thought before.

  1. Digestion and absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat.
  2. Modulating the immune response, protecting the body from pathogens.
  3. Influencing behaviors and even our moods through the gut-brain axis.

Not surprising then, that an imbalance in the gut flora can cause GI issues, such as IBS, and even result in inflammatory conditions in the body - causing weight gain, chronic pain, high cholesterol, and many comorbidities that are all linked with high body mass index. In addition to these problems, unhappy gut microbiota are associated with mental illness.

More studies everyday are uncovering the intricacies of the gut’s role in mental health, but it’s clear that the gut leads the way.

Improving Gut Health

A balanced and healthy diet is the foundation for good gut health. To re-establish your body’s gut microbial homeostasis (balance), among a few other means, healthy Probiotics can be used. At Digbi Health, we go several steps further. Each member is empowered with good digestive health through deep analyses of their unique gut biome. This helps identify which foods would help the microbiota thrive, and which others cause inflammatory responses. Coupled with guidance from expert coaches, each individual truly has an instruction manual for their life!

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s the evidence...

After losing just 5% of their weight (through diet modifications based on their personal genetics and gut microbiome), 66% of Digbi members reduced symptoms of insomnia and sleep apnea. In that same group, 58% were sleeping much better!

On Prescription Medication? - Digbi can help!

Of the members surveyed, 71% reported taking prescription medication. Keep in mind that we work closely with your doctors, so all health aspects are covered. In 15% of Digbi members surveyed, $100-$250 of their monthly budget was allotted to prescription medication (which turns out to be $1,200-$3,000 per year!). After starting a Digbi program (Control or Digestive), 11% reduced their dosage! Imagine not having to take those regular medications, and getting health certified by your doctor!

As Your Gut Biome Changes…

Your gut microbiome does NOT remain static. It keeps adjusting to diet, stress, antibiotics, and lifestyle corrections. We can observe your gut microbiome health by keeping an eye on vitals like physical, psychological, and behavioral expressions. In other words, your body “talks” about your gut health through physical manifestations, thoughts and feelings, and the way you are driven to behave. We simply need to interpret the signals to modify your care plan to build a “Healthy You.” Monitoring your gut health via at-home gut testing is an accurate way to observe your gut’s signals. By comparing your gut’s indicators over time, you’ll get to know what represents an optimal state of health for YOU.

How to Eat Clean and Feel Better

We know that your gut may become accustomed to processed foods with added chemicals, but they do not enhance your body’s functioning. In fact, they do quite the opposite. They tend to cause symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, and mood issues. In a study of Digbi members, 64% improved their brain fog and memory issues after losing 5% of their body weight.

What You’ll Find in Your Digbi Gut Report

Your gut report will recommend a meal plan based on your DNA and gut microbiome. You can simply read the suggestions or you can learn more about the tasks your microbiota perform (if you’re interested, no pressure). For example, if you have a moderate risk for the protein metabolism category (meaning you don’t process protein as well as you possibly could, so you’re in the moderate metabolism range), you might consider reducing your consumption of red meat. Your report will tell you what you should eat instead and your coach will provide tips and support in the Digbi app.

Your gut report will educate you on your diet to promote gut bacterial diversity (increased types of gut microbiota that boost wellness) and build a plethora of probiotics in your gut. This will give you a chance to compare your probiotic (good) bacteria to previous gut reports. You’ll see if your current diet and lifestyle are helping or hurting your overall health. You have the chance to learn about the activities your gut bacteria perform via macronutrient metabolism, food intolerances, and SCFA (small organic monocarboxylic acids – involved in fat development).

So, you can delve into the science of your report as much as you like. Either way, you still get the basics to support your digestive health and well-being.

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