Ranjan Sinha

November 25, 2020

The Digbi Health Guide To Thanksgiving Eating

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for many reasons. It gives us a chance to pause, reflect and appreciate the year gone by. In a year like 2020, the Thanksgiving tradition is that much more important.

It is also, on occasion, a time of uncertainty about our diet plans. After all, the temptation of a Thanksgiving spread is hard to resist. 

However, we hope that these handy tips help you continue to stay on track with your health goals.

  1. Stick with your workout plan

    On the day of Thanksgiving, be sure to incorporate your regular workout into your day. Exercise serves as a great mood-booster and also ramps up metabolism. Moreover, sticking to your exercise routine gives you great motivation to continue staying on track with the rest of your plan.

    If you find it hard to incorporate your regular workout, opt for a short walk instead and spend some time outdoors. The key is to include some form of workout that agrees with you and is easy to do on a busy day.

  2. Visualize what you would like to eat

    Visualization is a powerful tool for portion control and one that Digbi Health coaches often share with their mentees. Before you eat your Thanksgiving meal, spend a few minutes visualizing what you would like to eat and what you would rather avoid. If it feels hard, think about your health goals and see yourself achieving them.

    You might encounter a dish that you really cannot do without. Consuming it in moderation is perfectly fine.

  3. If you are the host, pick a spread that you would enjoy

    Apart from the usual suspects, fill your table with dishes you would consider a treat, and that comply with your health plan. In fact, this is also a great opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to your goals, and help your loved ones see what this means to you.

    If alcohol is a part of the dinner plan, consume it in moderation.

  4. Pick the meat or protein that agrees with you

    One of the key tenets of personalized nutrition is the idea that we are all different individuals, and our bodies thrive on different kinds of foods.

    When you eat to support your body, a day of feasting isn't going to throw you off too much. The goal here is to be healthy overall. Cutting back on foods you know disagree with you ensures that you continue to feel healthy and active even after the festivities come to an end.

  5. Remember to appreciate your personal journey

    Thanksgiving is, after all, a time to appreciate the journey you've been on. Choosing to be healthy and active are significant aspects of your journey. You deserve to be proud of it.

    Continue to acknowledge your personal growth throughout the day - your changing relationship with food, your new lifestyle choices and the mindset that makes it possible for you to make such life-altering changes. One of the best ways to avoid overeating during the festive season is to acknowledge it may happen and stay mindful. Giving thanks to yourself can help keep you inspired.

How are you spending Thanksgiving this year? Has your Thanksgiving menu changed since joining Digbi Health? Tell us in the comments.

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