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Chicken Low Carb Roti "Pizzas"

Swap regular pizza or pizza crusts for GET FIT Low Carb Rotis and bring back your favorite pizza on the family table without worrying about carbs, weight gain or heart health. Get FIT Low Carb Spinach Roti is packed with mother nature's bounty of natural nitrates that are proven to significantly lower cholesterol and improve arterial health (not to be confused with synthetic nitrates and nitrites that manufacturers add to foods such as cured sandwich meats to give them color and to prolong their shelf life) Cumin not only adds to taste, provides anti-oxidant to protect every cell in your body it increases bioavailability and bio absorption of Calcium found in spinach and cheese by 66%. Great for growing children...

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken Low Carb "Roti Tacos"

These fusion-inspired Roti Tacos combine the sizzle of Jamaican Jerk with the antioxidant power of GET FIT Turmeric Roti and heart healthy arginine. Add fresh mango and grilled pineapple to cool the hot sizzle of Jerk. Remove the mango and Half the bean paste to enjoy a Keto Taco Total Calories: 305 | 22% Calories from Carbs | Prep time: 120 min. | Cook time: 30 min.

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