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Chicken Low Carb Roti "Pizzas"

Swap regular pizza or pizza crusts for GET FIT Low Carb Rotis and bring back your favorite pizza on the family table without worrying about carbs, weight gain or heart health. Get FIT Low Carb Spinach Roti is packed with mother nature's bounty of natural nitrates that are proven to significantly lower cholesterol and improve arterial health (not to be confused with synthetic nitrates and nitrites that manufacturers add to foods such as cured sandwich meats to give them color and to prolong their shelf life) Cumin not only adds to taste, provides anti-oxidant to protect every cell in your body it increases bioavailability and bio absorption of Calcium found in spinach and cheese by 66%. Great for growing children...

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Lamb Kebab GET FIT Roti "Tacos" with Tahini Sauce

Our low carb high antioxidant GET FIT rotis make a great stand-in for traditional pita bread. If you don’t see ground lamb at the supermarket, purchase lamb shoulder and ask the butcher to grind it for you. Not a fan of lamb? Substitute ground chicken or arginine rich ground turkey . Tahini is made from ground sesame seeds (it’s a key component in hummus). You can find it in the supermarket near peanut and other nut butters. Leftover tahini sauce, thinned with a little more lemon juice, makes a tasty salad dressing. You can assemble the “tacos” as we do here, or serve the components family style and let everyone assemble their own. Try all the three flavors of GET...

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