4 month program

Upgrade your Jumpstart program to activate your DNA & Gut biome kits

Address the root cause of obesity and improve mental health

Lose weight, look good and feel great

Mental health stories

Skin health stories

Lose weight, and

Reduce or eliminate gut and weight related illnesses.

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for Weight Loss

Gut Kit + Prebiotics

Gene Kit

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Month 1

Welcome to your personalized health plan

DNA & Gut kits shipped to you
Personalised Care questionnaires
Month 2

Understand your genetic make-up

DNA report - Nutrition & Fitness genetic report
Personalized coaching session to discuss DNA insights
Month 3

Your insights into your gut health

Get your Gut microbiome report
Coaching session to understand gut insights
Month 4

Track your digestive functions with genetic insights

Gut health genetic insights
Personalized prebiotics shipped to you
Month 5

Personalize your prebiotic blends

Build prebiotics dosage based on your genetics
Enhance your gut health with further insights
Month 6

Understand your allergies to food

Get genetic Food and Allergy reports
Further refine your prebiotics plan
Month 7

Retest your gut microbiome to see changes

Indoor and outdoor allergies report
2nd Gut kit shipped to your address
Month 8

Get gut microbiome comparison report

Gut health genetic insights
Personalized prebiotics shipped to you
Month 9

Get a healthy, glowing skin

Get skin health report based on your genes
Get 2nd course of personalized prebiotics
Month 10

Improve your mood through gut health

Serotonin metabolism report
Refine your personalized prebiotics plan
Month 11

Reduce stress & anxiety

Genetic insights on Mental health
Next shipment of prebiotics
Month 12

Sleep peacefully and stay energetic

Overall gut health continuation plan
Perfect your prebiotics dosage

Reports available to purchase on the store

Mental Health
Sexual Health
Chronic pain
Skin Health


Your coach will personally guide you to better health.

Unlimited coaching calls
While in the program, you get unlimited 1-on-1 coaching calls.
Texts and to-do's
You'll get helpful texts and in-app to-do's from your coach.
Meal plans
Your coach will help you find recipes and construct meal plans.


You’ll receive several reports throughout the program.

Level one report
To start, we’ll provide food portion, daily rhythm & diet guidelines.
Gene nutrition report
Learn how to eat effectively for your unique genetic profile.
Gene fitness report
Learn how to exercise effectively for your unique genetic profile.
Probiotic and gut health report
Diet, exercise & lifestyle report based on your genes & gut biome.

Our app

No more counting carbs - our app is simple and effective.

Easy check-ins
Simply log in and answer a few questions.
Schedule coaching calls
Schedule and manage calls with your health coach.
Connect the dots
Connect the dots between food, sleep, stress and other factors.
Meal planning
Find personalized meals from a database of over 500,000 recipes.
Live yoga sessions
Attend live zoom sessions on yoga, stretching and breathing exercises
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