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Weight Loss


have lost measurable weight and reduced chronic illnesses

Mental Health


have improved mental health, reduced stress, anxiety, hypertension and depression

Digestive Health


have reversed IBS, bloating, gassiness, constipation, acid reflux and reduced intake of allopathic medicines

Skin Conditions


have reported reduced skin inflammation, acne, eczema, psoriasis and seasonal rashes

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is for those who wish to:

  • Lose weight sustainably and naturally
  • Reverse gut health issues
  • Have the energy to do more
  • Live disease-free and healthily for life
  • Be physically and mentally strong
  • Bid farewell to skin conditions
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Our 3 tenets to success

Consistent health coaching

To help you lose weight naturally and reverse diseases, your coach works with your unique gut and gene reports to chart out exercise and meal plans

Deep personalization

Your GUT is unique to you--understanding it helps doctors and specialists design a nutrition plan specific to your health

Vibrant & empathetic community

Digbi community is a safe and encouraging place for members to share their victories and inspire each other to inch closer to their health goals

Nurture your mental health by empowering
your DNA & GUT Microbiome

Recommended by Doctors

Optimizing gut health is an essential part of achieving our personal health goals, improving energy and mood and preventing chronic disease. Digbi has helped several of my patients by customizing lifestyle programs to their unique gut microbiome.

Dr. Ron Sinha

Medical Director
Palo Alto Medical Foundation

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We’re harnessing over 20 years of leading research

and we’re working closely with experts in genetics, gut microbiome, food, medicine, corporate wellness, bioinformatics and Ai.

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  • DNA and Gut Microbiome sample collection kits
  • Personalized care intake form
  • Anti-inflammatory food guide
  • Companion App
  • A 15-min session with a care manager
  • Live Yoga, stress management sessions and educational videos