Ranjan Sinha

November 27, 2017

Genes that cause muscle loss and foods that can help.


Choline plays vital role in human metabolism ranging from healthy pregnancy to building healthy cell structure and healthy neurotransmitters. Choline deficiency is now thought to have an impact on diseases such as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, atherosclerosis (via lipoprotein secretion), and possibly neurological disorders.

Therefore, getting adequate choline in the diet is important throughout life for optimal health.

However all of us do not metabolize choline the same way.  Several genes have been linked to increased requirements for choline to maintain good health. The first one to be reported was the MTHFD11958A (rs2236225) variant.

Men with one or two 1958A alleles need to get about twice as much choline from food as people without this allele.  

This means that the 60% of men with a 1958A allele need about 4 mg choline per lb body weight instead of the 2 mg/lb needed for men with the G/G genotype.

For a 160  lb man, the extra choline would be the amount in two eggs with three slices of bacon. Alternatively, he could add half a pound of cooked soybeans to his menu or maybe a combination of choline-rich foods and a moderately dosed dietary supplement.

And why might he want to do that? Because deficiency leads to fatty liver and muscle damage in men and serious pregnancy challenges in women.

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Genes are not your destiny. Right Food and lifestyle designed for you can significantly reduce your risk. 

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Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

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