Ranjan Sinha

August 30, 2018

Empower your DNA and Gut Biome to achieve healthy weight for life.


Obesity is recognized as a multifactorial disorder which is a result of the interaction of your genes, your gut biome and environmental factors like stress, sleep, exercise, occurring when your energy intake from food exceeds energy you spend over time.

The amount of energy your body extracts from food varies from person to person based on your DNA and your gut biome. e.g Studies confirm that gut microbiota of an obese person is more efficient, than that in lean people, at harvesting energy from fiber and resistant starch .

Your DNA and your gut bacteria even determine how you store or burn fat, your insulin sensitivity and other factors that make it easier or harder for you to lose weight.

The ratio of two groups of bacteria Firmicutes to Bacteroidetes is an important indicator of your obesity risk. Typically Lean and Healthy BMI people have a ratio less than 0.9; Overweight people have a ration between 0.9 - 1.3 and Obese people have a ratio higher than 1.3

3TandAi's DNA and gut biome based personalized wellness app, personalized nutrition and fitness program helps you lose and maintain healthy weight by understanding your unique DNA and gut biome.

The app allows you to track your food, through photos, monitors trends in your gut biome and adjusts food and lifestyle recommendations to protect your DNA and ensure healthy gut.

Weight regain is a key concern and risk after any “dieting” program. Your gut biome, along with your DNA play a key role in not only how your body will respond to weight loss programs , but how it will try to regain back that weight. This is one of the key reasons why most “One size Fits All” diet plans fail to provide long term healthy weight.

Most weight loss efforts will result in change in your gut biome, and it typically takes about 22 weeks to stabilize your gut biome to a healthy state.

3TandAi’s D-Feat and Control Programs are designed for 52 weeks. The first 4 weeks are planned to on-board you, collect your DNA and gut biome sample and establish your bio-individuality. The next 16 weeks are focused on helping you achieve a healthy weight through food, exercise, coaching, education, and managing your sleep, cravings and stress that works for your biology. The subsequent 22 weeks are designed to stabilize your gut biome, through food and lifestyle to ensure lasting success and simplify personalized nutrition for your lifetime.

Stay Informed. Stay Healthy ! 

Photo by Christopher Campbell

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