Personalized Nutrition - Empower your DNA and Gut Biome to D-FEAT Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association recognizes “there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ eating pattern for individuals with diabetes”. D-FEAT(™) is the only personalized nutrition and wellness program that empowers you to make incremental lifestyle changes that can be sustainable for the rest of your life based on your DNA, unique gut biome and blood markers.

We will answer questions like:
Low Carb, Keto, Atkins? Which is the best diet for me to fight diabetes?
What are My superfoods to reduce weight and increase insulin sensitivity?
Do I have enough good bacteria in my gut to fight diabetes?
Does exercise help ME with my sugar metabolism?

Finally, you will prevent and reverse diabetes through personalized food and fitness. Learn more

Author: Ranjan Sinha


  • Sadhana Padmanabhan

    I am Type 2 Diabetic. How much does this program cost? I would like to reserve my diabeties. I need help especially with my diet. I am Lacto Vegetarian

  • Kristine Wiegand

    How much does this program cost. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidiam, high cholesterol and had a heart attack last April. Do you run tests on the gut microbiome? Other blood tests? Thanks

  • Magdalene Francis

    I need help especially with my diet

  • Margaret

    Please help me I hate living with Diabeties!

  • Aliane Pereira

    I would like to reverse the diabetes. Can you help me?

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