Ranjan Sinha

June 16, 2021

Digbi Health launches Digbi Digestive™, the first gut microbiome and genetic-based digital care program to address IBS and functional digestive disorders affecting 70M Americans.

Digbi Digestive was launched based on a recent real-world outcomes study of members reversing digestive disorders.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. June 16, 2021 -- Overwhelming research now links gut microbiome to mental health, sleep disorders, chronic pain, inflammatory digestive and skin illnesses along with chronic lifestyle illnesses including diabetes and obesity.

Digbi Health, the first company with a clinically proven digital genetics and gut-microbiome therapeutic platform program launches Digbi Digestive, a precision care program designed to improve, reverse and monitor gastrointestinal and functional bowel disorders by prescribing food and lifestyle as medicine. Many functional gastrointestinal disorders disproportionately impact women and Caucasians.

Digbi Digestive starts with analyzing a member's genetics, gut microbiome, meals, habits, clinical markers of sugar and fat in the blood, to isolate inflammatory interactions and develop deeper understanding of metabolic pathways supported by the gut microbiome like serotonin production which regulates sleep and mental health. Members have direct access to gastrointestinal health trained health coaches for personal nutrition support and guidance with meal planning. The program includes live coaching sessions for managing cravings, stress, and sleep. Members can additionally access ongoing gut microbiome monitoring services and personalized prebiotics.

“Gastrointestinal diseases beyond being expensive to payers, employers and individuals are whisper illnesses that are stigmatized and linked to mental health and inflammatory illnesses that seriously affect a person’s quality of life,” said Ranjan Sinha, Founder and CEO, Digbi Health. “We are committed to address the stigma associated with these illnesses and appreciate the support provided to us by payers, TPAs, medical universities, and employers who are enabling no cost or low-cost access to their members and employees. The results of weight loss and disease reversal in our members’ outcomes are the driving forces for making Digbi Digestive available to consumers who cannot access the program through their insurance or employers”

Below are the results of the recent real-world study conducted across members of a large insurance payer who experienced improvement of symptoms after Digbi intervention:

  1. 83% experienced reduction or reversal of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  2. 67% experienced reduction or reversal of Depression
  3. 82% experienced reduction or reversal of Heartburn
  4. 89% experienced reduction or reversal of Chronic Bloating
  5. 77% experienced reduction or reversal of Gassiness
  6. 78% experienced reduction or reversal of Chronic Constipation
  7. 79% experienced reduction or reversal of Diarrhea

"Functional Bowel disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are complex, multifactorial illnesses that arise from the interactions between a person’s genetic, gut microbiome risk profile and lifestyle risk factors, such as stress, insufficient sleep, inflammatory food intake, excessive caloric intake, and medications. Current treatment options may not always take all these factors into consideration", said Dr. Parambir S. Dulai, a gastroenterologist at UC San Diego Medical Center. “The Digbi Health program connects these factors to deliver improved patient health on an individualized basis."

“I thought I was eating all the foods that were healthy, but turns out, not for me. I also learned I’m gluten-sensitive and never believed this was a thing until I made changes to my diet. The results have been astounding. I was living with chronic gut and digestive issues and now no longer suffer and have been able to get off my medications,” said Digbi member, Anna K.

Learn more about Digbi Digestive.

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Digbi Health is a first-of-its-kind precision digital therapeutics company that offers a prescription-grade digitally enabled personalized obesity and obesity-related gut, skin disorders, hypertension and other cardiometabolic health management programs based on an individual’s gut biome, genetic risks, blood markers, and lifestyle factors. Digbi Health is prescribed by doctors, health care providers, and insurance companies.Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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