Ranjan Sinha

March 25, 2019

Digbi Health Announces Partnership with Cultural Health Solutions to Launch Medically Supervised Program For Diabetes Prevention and Weight loss based on DNA, Gut Biome and Blood Markers

Palo Alto, CA - Digbi Health, a privately held company based in Palo Alto, Ca, and Cultural Health Solutions - announced a partnership to launch Medically Supervised Health Programs for Diabetes, Obesity and Cardio-Metabolic health management based on an individual’s DNA, Gut Biome and traditional Blood Markers. These programs are designed to address ethnic-specific risks, food, and lifestyle.

As part of the collaboration, Dr. Ronesh Sinha will share his engaging health education content and extensive experience in managing conditions caused by insulin resistance, which is a root cause for conditions like obesity, prediabetes/diabetes, heart disease, PCOS and Alzheimers.

Cultural Health solutions will adopt Digbi Health's D-FEAT - Medically managed Personalized Diabetes Management Program and 2) CONTROL - Medically managed Personalized Obesity Program. These evidence-based programs harness DNA, gut biome, blood and lifestyle data to develop bespoke food, fitness, and habit transformation programs for patients. Patients and their physicians are supported in their journey armed with precise genetic and gut biome information, a powerful mobile app, and coaches trained on CDC DPP engagement framework to help with meal planning and fitness guidance.

"Digbi Health is committed to bringing back the joy of practicing medicine with personalized care by incorporating genetics, mobile phones, wearables, and light touch coaching. We are natural partners for MDs that want to deliver sustained weight loss or diabetes risk reversal for their patients without increasing their cost and administrative burden ”, said Ranjan Sinha, Founder, and CEO- Digbi Health regarding the collaboration.

Dr. Ronesh Sinha commented, “When we fix insulin resistance, not only do we prevent or reverse chronic conditions, we also experience better mood and energy levels. Combining engaging health education content with meaningful personal health metrics, that’s tailored to an individual’s biology, lifestyle and cultural preferences has made our partnership an incredibly powerful way to maintain long-term behavior changes and positive health outcomes ”

About Digbi Health

Digbi Health is a Personalized Nutrition and Wellness digital therapeutic platform that distills the complex science of DNA, gut biome, traditional blood markers – into bespoke, simple and powerful AI-driven, responsive food and lifestyle programs that are supported by a network of doctors, coaches and food makers to ensure better outcomes for life. The company’s mission is to empower people to take control of their own health destiny and prevent and eliminate illness by harnessing their DNA and gut biome

About Cultural Health Solutions

Cultural Health Solutions provides health education content and programs that are culturally tailored to help individuals and families lead healthier lives. Dr. Ronesh ‘Ron’ Sinha is a highly sought after speaker who runs corporate health and wellness programs for major Silicon Valley companies and co-hosts a weekly radio program on health. Learn more at culturalhealthsolutions.com

Digbi Health programs use Ubiome Gut Explorer Kits to sample, sequence and analyze human gut biota.

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