Ranjan Sinha

April 01, 2021

Personalizing care for your diverse workforce through gut microbiome and genetics

‘Health Is Wealth’ is a cliche because it’s true. For any organization, employee health is a vital stepping stone to revenue generation. Healthy, happy, focused, engaged employees make wonderful, productive assets. There are fewer sick days taken, which translates to savings in healthcare costs. This is what any employee wellness program hopes to achieve, but many fall short of the mark.

All employee wellness programs are not created equal. For employers hoping to get a hefty return on their investment in employee health, it is important to invest not only in lifestyle improvement programs that are preventative in nature but also in programs that are geared at helping employees with chronic diseases manage their conditions better.

According to the CDC, five chronic diseases or risk factors: Obesity, hypertension, smoking, diabetes, and physical inactivity cost US employers about $36.4 billion annually due to employees missing days at work.

Digbi Health’s Proven Care Program:

Digbi Health’s Proven Care program is a class apart. It is an AI-driven, science-backed digital therapeutics program that takes into account that today’s workforce is diverse, and that risk factors for developing certain chronic illnesses, comorbidities, or multimorbidities can vary by ethnicity.

The Digbi approach to comprehensive wellness is a greatly personalized one: it takes into account each individual’s genetics, gut microbiome composition, and lifestyle as a starting point. Our trained nutritionists then tailor diet and nutrition plans accordingly.

Digbi Health’s targeted approach combines genetics, gut microbiome composition, metabolic conditions, lifestyle vitals tracking, and expert support. The program not only promotes healthy and sustainable weight loss but also reduces obesity-related comorbidities and decreases the overall dependency on medication. Better management of chronic illness greatly reduces the need for hospitalization. The Digbi Health solution also helps manage stress, anxiety, and sleep-related issues.

Findings of a 2014 study by the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit organization that conducts business research and analysis, indicated that:

  • The majority of the return on investment in employee wellness programs is achieved through disease management and reduced hospitalization of employees already suffering from a health condition.
  • One-size-fits-all lifestyle management initiatives that emphasize cutting down on smoking, adopting healthy eating habits, calorie-counting, and exercise) may not take into account preexisting conditions, chronic illnesses, or risk factors that may affect their efficacy.
  • Lifestyle management programs contribute significantly less to the ROI than disease management strategies: For every dollar invested, there were savings worth $3.80 for disease management but only $0.50 for lifestyle management.
  • Health care costs can be realized over the short term by better management of pre-existing health issues such as heart disease and avoiding hospitalization. The payoff on preventative measures is relatively delayed, as every risk factor may or may not turn into a full-blown condition.

The Digbi Cares program is covered by insurance from a large health plan in California Digbi Health can be an outstanding partner of choice for a successful employee wellness program and yield great returns on your investment.

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