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How Precision Care focused on Individuals' Ethnicity, Gender, Gut Microbiome and Genetics is enhancing Health Equity

Never-seen-before population health data results illustrating how personalized care at scale has reversed and reduced chronic conditions by ethnicity, gender, and genetics.
How digital therapeutics platforms can effectively keep employees engaged and connected through health.
How DNA and Gut Microbiome analysis are key steps in taking preventive steps
Why Employee wellness can't be solved with one-size-fits-all programs.


These illnesses cost the private insurance industry more than diabetes* and the risk of the illness varies significantly across ethnicity and gender because they are rooted in the interactions between a person’s gut microbiome, genetics, and lifestyle risk factors.


Digbi has successfully harnessed gut microbiome, genetic, blood, and lifestyle risk signals to demonstrably deliver health outcomes and financial savings to payers and employers through our hyper-personalized food, fitness, and lifestyle health and wellness programs for employees.

Brand Promise

We will help Employees lose weight, reduce meds and doctor visits, reverse comorbidities, and lower the total cost of healthcare for Employers. Not only does Digbi focus on prevention as the rest of the programs in our space, but we also focus on the true intervention for one.


Blue Shield of CA. has been offering the program as a fully covered benefit to its' 4.4 million members since July 2019. Over the last 12 months, we have enrolled over 5,000 patients from over 900 companies and have proven that our programs work by consistently delivering exceptional patient engagement, reduction of meds, and the reversal of weight and associated gut, musculoskeletal, skin, and cardiovascular co-morbidities.

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