Based on reliable, quality research

Protect your Heart: 

3T&ME harnesses advance technology in health and nutrition sciences to  empower health conscious consumers like you with a digital platform that enables you to customize your food and lifestyle specifically to you Metabolic Markers , Body Metrics, DNA & Gut Biome to effectively reverse and prevent diabetes and insulin related metabolic disorders.

Prevent diseases:

Proprietary spice blends create meals super rich in Antioxidants - the anti-rust for your body-  protecting you from diseases caused by oxidative stress.

Manage your blood sugar: 

Meals are low glycemic gourmet dishes, with spice blends and proven to eliminate sugar spikes. Our meals are rich in Magnesium that provides protection from Type -2 diabetes. 

Helps you lose weight: 

Our Low-carb meals proven to be more effective in managing obesity. We have a meal for you whether you want to maintain weight or loose weight. We partner with leading medically managed weight loss companies to design and deliver fresh delicious meals. Our weight management meals are designed to deliver a wide range of Net Carbs - from 30 gms/day to 100 gms/day. Click for our weight loss meal plans

Boost your Energy: 

Meal are rich in MCT (Medium Chain Fats) that provide high quality energy between meals and  reduce post lunch slump. Spice blends enhance iron absorption for vegetarians. Low iron has been proven to cause low energy resulting in lower desire to exercise.

Promotes Muscle Building:

Meals are rich in protein and  essential amino acids  that support lean muscle mass.

Eliminates Food Cravings:

Proven Ayurvedic spice blends provide 6 key essential tastes proven to drive satisfaction and prevent snacking.

The impact of food ingredients, micronutrients and macronutrients on  your weight loss, metabolic markers and disease risks are based on quality reliable research sources.

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