What you’ll get

You’ll receive the following reports tuned to take the guesswork out of understanding your body’s specific needs to stay healthy, free of chronic diseases. Click each to learn more.

Personalized nutrition recommendations tuned to your bio-individuality

Chemical detox report

Vitamin metabolism report

Food tolerance report

Personalized exercise regimen

Wellderly report (if you are over 45)

1 free month of 3TandAi CORE EXTENDED

How does it work?

1. Order your kits

and provide us your

• core body metrics

• 6 blood markers

• Ayurveda phenotype

• food & lifestyle

2. Mail us back the kits

with your samples

• Gut biome kit

• DNA saliva kit

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3. Our turn to do the work

We will

• sequence your DNA

• Analyze your gut bacteria and biomarkers

• Make personalized food recommendations

4. Take charge of your health

Learn how your biology and food choice affects your health. You’ll have access to

• 500,000+ recipes that are perfect for your palate, gut and genes.

ª Prevent or reverse chronic disease.

Still have questions?

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