You have 22,000 human genes. No two human beings have the same genetic code. Your version of genes not only determine how you look, influence disease risk but play key role in how effectively you are processing foods you eat - convert them into energy, create essential vitamins, hormones and steroids - needed to fight disease, detox your body, rebuild your cells. Your genes modulate tastes you like, smells you dislike, how you feel after exercise.

Only 10% of genes involved in your metabolism are your own human genes. The rest of the genes, that are affecting your nutrient processing, energy, mood, aging, immunity and health, are your gut bacterial genes (approx. 5 million genes).

Your key hormones like insulin, leptin, ghrelin (hunger hormone) play a critical role in food metabolism and fat storage.


3TandAI analyzes A) Blood markers, B) Your Genes, C) Your Gut Bacterial genes, D) Your Food Habits and Lifestyle, E) Symptoms and F) Ayurveda phenotype. PINRx provides actionable food and lifestyle recommendation and access to online Personalized Recipe Finder.




3TandAI analyzes your gene markers like TCF7L2, PPARG,NOS3, APOa2, gut micro-biome, sugar and fat related blood markers e.g. TGL, A1C, LDL to determine the ideal ratio of whole grains, starches, saturated fat, omega fat, animal and plant food your body needs to achieve and maintain ideal health, prevent or reverse diabetes, build muscle, and stay free of chronic diseases.  Your blood markers help us to understand your carb and fat metabolism and how insulin may be influencing it.

The subtle differences in our genes and significant variations in our gut biome is the reason why some people or ethnic groups stay healthy eating meat and fat like the Eskimos, while others, like Asian Indians, eat rice and vegetables and end up with 400% higher cardiac risk.

Personalized Weight Management

A recent Stanford Study showed that women eating based on their blood markers -  like TGL, Fasting Sugar, H1AC, HDL, can reduce cardiac and diabetic risk by 350% and can lead up to 250% improvement in weight loss.

Should you eat a low carb or low fat diet or High Protein (Atkins) for optimal weight management. Will intermittent fasting work for you?

PINRx heuristics analyze 16 of known obesity related gene markers e.g FTO, MC4R, GLUT2 and 8 clinically relevant obesity related gut bacteria taxa e.g Alistipes, Akkermansia ; your insulin and inflammation related blood markers to create your Obesity Predisposition Score and recommend an optimal food, exercise, detox (if needed) and sleep regimen.

You will be able to search from 500,000 recipes, across local and international cuisines that will delight your palate and make you enjoy the fat burn.

Food Allergy and Tolerance 

Eat with confidence. Find out if you have genetic markers that predispose you to lactose and gluten intolerance. Do your genes and gut biome effectively support caffeine metabolism? Does caffeine increase your risk of cardiac health because you are a slow caffeine metabolizer. 

Find the best probiotics that work for your gut microbiota based on your food tolerances and reduce bloating, gas and other gut disorders.

Which Vitamin supplements should you take, if any?

PINRx analyzes 11 key vitamin and mineral metabolism related gene markers e.g MTFHR, TFR2, CASR and scientifically relevant gut bacteria taxa to determine how effectively your body is assimilating 7 key vitamins - (Vit D, Vit B9...), 4 key minerals (  e.g Calcium, Iron..)  and your Antioxidant Metabolism to determine the best vegetables, fruits, spices, meat and dairy that will improve your improve your immunity, boost energy, protect you from chronic diseases, weak bones, risk of blindness and pre mature aging.  

Certain genes get turned “on” and “off” based on your lifestyle – vitamin and food choices, exercise, stress, sleep, exposure to toxic chemicals. – giving you the control to determine your health destiny. This phenomenon is called epigenetic. Here is a short video that explains the phenomenon of epigenetic.

"Wellelderly" Profile -Vitality and Helathy Aging


Know your genes associated with aging and frailty; Optimize you gut micro-biome composition to maintain high antioxidant metabolism, mental alertness, eye health, bone strength, skin tone, reduce risk of pre-mature aging and heart disease caused by chronic inflammation. Enjoy personalized food and exercise regimen for successful aging.

Chemical Detox Metabolism

Your body, with the help of its gut bacteria, breaks down problematic chemicals that are absorbed or consumed thru processed foods, pesticides, wearing synthetic garments, carpets, paint and chemicals used on golf courses and lawns that slowly build up, unless detoxed, lead to chronic diseases or sometime catastrophic health issues. PIN Rx calibrates your body's effectiveness and recommends natural foods and spices that will optimize your Phase 1 & Phase 2 detoxification and boost immunity and fight inflammation.

Ideal Exercise Regimen

More than 200 genetic variants have been associated with physical performance including motivation to exercise. PINRx analyzes your gene markers like LIPC, INSIG2, ACTN3, BDNF to determine the optimal combination of Aerobic vs. Power based exercise, how effectively your body burns fat in response to exercise. How effectively are your gut bacteria is metabolizing key minerals and vitamins that support effective oxygen utilization and cellular energy metabolism.  PINrx recommends optimal exercise regimen and food - protein and micronutrients- to support healthy, active lifestyle.


Body's Owner Manual.

Comprehensive Snapshot of your Gut Bacteria. Find information related to your well being and Recommendations that support or improve your gut bacterial composition thru use of probiotic foods and lifestyle that you need.


Your Key Metabolic Functions  Compared to a Healthy Population 

 Your Optimal Daily Rhythm 


AI Based Recipe Finder and Tracker

Take guess work and hassle out of healthy eating.  Feel like Chinese Vegetarian today or perhaps a burger! PInRx will search across 500,000 recipes and pick the ones with ingredients, vegetables, fruits that  meet YOUR calorie goals while ensuring proper macronutrient balance, key plant nutrients, natural vitamins and  mineral needs,  It will include recommendation for anti oxidant rich spice blends that will improve bio-uptake of minerals and vitamins. Your will rethink Food. 

3TandAI advanced heuristics utilize quality research conducted at leading national labs, health institutions/universities and curated by nutritional scientist and doctors to determine the optimal foods and lifestyle for you. Now, for the first time, you will have an integrated view of your biology at a cell level and access to easy-to-use, recipe finder and tracker to find recipes that delight your palate and your biology. Consistent use of PINRx information will help boost energy, immunity, reduce disease risk while advancing your well being, mental acuity and longevity.
We Recommend PINRx Report if:
  1. You want to achieve and MAINTAIN optimal body weight.
  2. You want to reduce risk of chronic diseases.
  3. You want to age well and maintain physical and mental vitality.
  4. You want to follow optimal exercise program.
  5. You want to adapt diet and lifestyle based on your unique biology.