Digbi Health and TRAIN partner to deliver Custom Designed Fitness and Personalized Weight Loss Programs based on DNA and Gut Biome

Palo Alto, CA - Digbi Health, a privately held company based in Palo Alto, Ca, and TRAIN. 24/7 health and fitness house headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, have announced a partnership to deliver medically managed personalized health programs for weight loss and fitness improvement based on an individual's DNA, gut biome, conventional blood marker analysis and supported by an AI-powered digital interface and person based health coaching and medical advice.

Digbi Health and TRAIN. will be offering two programs through their partnership - the Control program for weight loss and the Peak program for mental and metabolic fitness. Both programs involve gut and gene testing, personalized nutrition and fitness guidance, and coaching support from certified health coaches.

The programs are available across the USA (through remote coaching), and components may be reimbursable through insurance plans.

Digbi Health’s advanced personalized food, fitness, and performance platform - FoodRx.Ai provides:

  1. a) In-home DNA and Gut Biome test Kits.
  2. b) Powerful Case Management Dashboard for health professionals to manage their clients’ 7 key lifestyle health drivers - food, sleep, exercise, stress, cravings, weight and blood sugar - based on genetics and gut biome; review DNA and gut biome reports.
  3. c) Longitudinal gut biome tracking to ensure a lifetime of healthy gut flora.
  4. d) A mobile app that privately and securely connects patients with SimplyCare healthcare professionals to deliver medically managed personalized programs.

“Digbi Health’s programs are easy to adopt and will work seamlessly within TRAIN.’s fitness training framework. With the partnership,  we will be able to offer better fitness recommendations that suit each individual’s needs and take their lifestyle into account.”, said Ranjan Sinha, CEO, Digbi Health about the partnership.

Speaking about the partnership, Nick Persichetti, Founder and President at TRAIN. said, “We only get one body in this life. We need to treat and TRAIN it accordingly. This partnership with Digbi Health allows us to take our programs up a notch and provide targeted recommendations to our clients.”

About Digbi Health

Digbi Health is a Personalized Nutrition and Wellness digital therapeutic platform that distills the complex science of DNA, gut biome, traditional blood markers – into bespoke, simple and powerful AI-driven, responsive food and lifestyle programs that are supported by a network of doctors, coaches and food makers to ensure better outcomes for life. The company’s mission is to empower people to take control of their own health destiny and prevent and eliminate illness by harnessing their DNA and gut biome.

About TRAIN.

TRAIN. programs are specifically designed for people who do not believe in or enjoy the concept of traditional gyms and prefer a personalized fitness routine designed to suit their needs. More than a fitness house, they are a healthcare brand that believes that the safest and cost-effective way to improve health issues is to prevent them from starting through exercise and proper nutrition. They help clients to live their best life through targeted, engaging programs.

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Author: Ranjan Sinha