Digbi Health Announces Partnership with Nutrimental Healthcare to Launch DNA and Gut biome Personalized Nutrition and Wellness programs for Weight Loss and Obesity Management

Palo Alto, CA - Digbi Health, a privately held company headquartered in Palo Alto, Ca, and Nutrimental Healthcare, a team of Dietitians and Health Coaches based  in Appleton, Wisconsin, have announced a partnership to deliver personalized health programs based on an individual's DNA, gut biome, conventional blood marker analysis and supported by an AI-powered digital and person based health coaching and medical advice.

Digbi Health’s advanced personalized food, fitness, and performance platform - FoodRx.Ai provides:

  1. In-home DNA and Gut Biome test Kits
  2. Powerful dashboard for health professionals to manage their clients’ 7 key lifestyle and health drivers - food, sleep, exercise, stress, cravings, weight and blood sugar - based on genetics and gut biome.
  3. Longitudinal gut biome tracking to ensure a lifetime of healthy gut flora.
  4. A mobile app that privately and securely connects patients with Nutrimental Healthcare professionals to deliver medically managed personalized programs including a cuisine specific recipe finder aligned to each client’s unique bio-print.

To mark their partnership, Digbi Health and Nutrimental Healthcare are launching a Personalized Weight Loss Program based on an individual’s DNA, Gut Biome, Blood Markers, and Lifestyle data. The 16-week program is built upon and enhances Nutrimental Healthcare’s successful and proven weight loss program - by incorporating personalized nutrition and fitness along with an advanced mobile app to track and monitor success.

Digbi Health has a proven track record of delivering among the highest weight loss numbers in the industry in a Research Study carried out over a period of 3-6 months.

“We want to empower people to reverse obesity and chronic diseases through an understanding of their DNA, gut biome, and access to high-quality doctors and health care professionals who practice personalized medicine and health.  We are delighted to partner with Nutrimental Healthcare and Taylor Engelke, who has harnessed the power of personalization in delivering sustained health results”, said Ranjan Sinha, CEO Founder - Digbi Health.

“In my practice, I find personalized nutrition based on DNA and gut biome delivers superior results compared to ‘one-size-fits-all’ diets or programs. By tailoring a person’s nutritional intake to their genetic and gut biome profile, we create sustainable health habits. We picked Digbi Health because of their focus on creating personalized health journeys for individuals based on their Gut Biome, DNA and Blood Markers“, commented Taylor Engelke, Nutrimental Healthcare.

The programs are available across the USA and components may be reimbursable through insurance plans.

About Digbi Health

Digbi Health is a Personalized Nutrition and Wellness digital therapeutic platform that distills the complex science of DNA, gut biome, traditional blood markers – into bespoke, simple and powerful AI-driven, responsive food and lifestyle programs that are supported by a network of doctors, coaches and food makers to ensure better outcomes for life. The company’s mission is to empower people to take control of their own health destiny and prevent and eliminate illness by harnessing their DNA and gut biome

About Nutrimental Healthcare

Nutrimental Healthcare is a top-rated team of Registered Dietitians and Health Coaches serving patients nationwide. They offer nutritional counseling one-on-one, for families, or in group settings with or without testing included. They work with individuals to develop goals, meal plans, and education tailored to their needs as a one-time consultation or for on-going programs.

Digbi Health programs use Ubiome Gut Explorer Kits to sample, sequence and analyze human gut biota.  

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Author: Ranjan Sinha