Susan was overweight her entire life and defeated by her slow weight loss.

Susan has been overweight her whole life and has exhausted every option. Knew what she had to do but needed the motivation to do it. Her slowness in losing weight in the past has been a sign of defeat for her, but now she hopes it will work in her favor by helping her keep the weight off. Susan has found the knowledge of her DNA to help her with diet choices and knowing how exercise will aid her meet her weight loss goals. By understanding how her body responds to exercise Susan was able to spend more time doing the exercises she enjoyed instead of exhausting herself by doing extraneous cardio. Susan has found that by modifying her diet she can still enjoy the foods she loves while still getting the nutrients she needs. By following a "this-not-that" approach, Susan has been able to cut out most carbohydrates and regulate what she puts into her body. The accountability of checking in with each meal helped keep her honest and on track. Within Susan's genetics she has unlocked the secret to losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle.