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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Digbi Control plan?

Digbi Control is a gut microbiome and genetics-based digital care program for weight loss. This program identifies and targets the root cause of obesity and associated comorbidities; as a result, you lose weight and eliminate or reduce gut or weight-related health issues and lead a healthy, disease-free life.

What are the benefits?
  • Your gut-microbiome and DNA is unique -- understanding it helps you, and your care team tailor a convenient, sustainable food and lifestyle plan to help you lose weight and keep it :)
  • Reduce anxiety and improve sleep -- because your gut health determines your mental health !
  • Eliminate abdominal pain, reduce chronic constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux and IBS symptoms
  • Lose weight naturally - no diets, no pills, no calorie counting... no kidding !
  • Digbi Control empowers you with:

    1. At home DNA Test Kit that maps 600,000 gene variations that impact your life and health.
    2. At home gut-microbiome Test Kit. Personalized Probiotic report and one sample package of personalized prebiotics.
    3. Genetic Analysis - Food allergy and intolerances, Vitamin and Mineral metabolism, Exercise and Fitness, Protein, Carb and Fat metabolism.
    4. Digbi App. Daily Health tracker - Meals, sleep, stress, exercise, stool, cravings..You will learn new things about your body!
    5. Your coach - Talk, chat, ask for advice
    6. Join Digbi community - Safe and judgement free. Learn from and support others. Enjoy recipes that work..tried and shared by members
    7. Live and recorded Zoom classes - Sleep Better, Breathe and De-stress, Stretch and Strengthen.
    8. Personalized exercise videos
How long can I expect to wait after testing to receive results?

Your at-home testing kits arrive within one week of placing your order. It typically takes 4 weeks after you ship your samples to our lab to see your reports online. Occasionally delays may occur because of holidays or weather.

I have a medical condition. Is Digbi Control suitable for me?

If you have any underlying health conditions, we recommend you talk to a Digbi Care Manager or speak with your doctor before enrolling in the program.

Is my data secure? What is your privacy policy?

Yes. We take data security and privacy seriously. Please click here to review our privacy policy. If you ever want us to purge your information from our systems, send us an email at

Can I access a sample report?

Yes. You can access one right here.

How do I get a Health Coach?

As soon as you start the program-- you get access to a dedicated, qualified health coach who works with your personalized health reports. Your health coach offers feedback on your meals and makes recommendations daily; feel free to reach out to your coach for any questions you may have.

Will my insurance cover the program?

Possibly. Talk to our support team to see if you qualify through your insurance. Or connect here:

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