Digbi CGM & Test Kits

Personalized care based
on Gut Microbiome, DNA, and Glucose Markers

1 Abbott Libre CGM sensor

You get 1 CGM sensor that lasts for 2 weeks

2 Abbott Libre CGM sensor

You get 2 CGM sensors that last for 1 month

6 Abbott Libre CGM sensor

You get 6 CGM sensors that last for 3 months

At-home Gut Microbiome and Genetic test kit

Recommended re-test every six months

What you get

Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) sensors track your glucose levels and fat-burn metabolism inside the Digbi mobile app.

Comprehensive genetic and gut biome analysis for health insights on food intolerances, allergies, metabolism, health risks, and nutritional guidance to improve gut health.

We address the
root cause of these
health conditions

High Cholesterol
Chronic Skin Issues
Weight-related illness
Chronic Pain
Fatty Liver
Chronic Stress/Anxiety
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of members

Our results… Healthier you!

Read results on weight loss and illness reduction here

lose weight and improve cardiometabolic health
improved mental health and reduced anxiety
have reversed IBS, bloating, gassiness, constipation and acid reflux
have reported reduced skin inflammation, acne, eczema, psoriasis and seasonal rashes
Source: Blue Shield of CA Press Release

What you get

Everything you need to heal your gut, improve mental health, and achieve
cardiometabolic fitness

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A dedicated coach+

Work with your coach to make small but powerful
changes to reach your health goals

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Mobile app and
lifestyle tracker

Monitor your meals, sleep, stress, cravings,
digestive health, and much more

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Meal plans personalized
to your gut, genes, and palate

Get nutrition and fitness plans that are uniquely
designed for your body, ancestry, and lifestyle

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Join a safe and positive space with fellow members

Our promise

circlesTo Members

  • Get to the root cause of your chronic illnesses, and not mask & manage symptoms
  • Help you reduce medication and avoid expensive surgeries
  • Use food as medicine to help you make small but powerful changes in your lifestyle
  • Guide you on a path to a healthier, illness-free life

At-home test kits

Genetic Kit
Collection Method: Saliva Sample
  • Food Intolerances and sensitivities
  • Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism
  • Foods that promote weight loss for you
  • Aerobic or Strength Training? What’s better for your genes?
  • Lifestyle and dietary recommendations based on genetic insights
Gut Kit
Collection Method: Stool swab
  • The abundance of probiotic bacteria in the gut, as well as bacterial diversity.
  • Lifestyle and dietary recommendations on how to improve gut health.
  • The various important functions that bacteria play within the gut like macronutrient metabolism,food intolerances, anti-inflammatory pathways, sleep, and mood pathways.

Digbi Tenets

Learn the science behind the Digbi Health program

Insulin Resistance

Identify meal that keeps insulin levels low, which allows your body to burn stored fat for its energy needs



Understand inflammation and its effects on your gut, mental health, and cardiometabolic fitness


Fiber Diversity

Empower your gut microbiome by learning this principle that most fad diets and quick weight loss programs ignore


Member Content

You'll access simple tools and resources to help you manage your weight and
keep chronic illness at bay

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The science behind Digbi
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The Digbi food guide
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Nutrient density scoring

Your dedicated health coach is here to support you in the program.

Our partners

We’re harnessing over 20 years of leading research
and we’re working closely with experts in genetics, gut microbiome, food, medicine,
corporate wellness, bioinformatics and Ai.

Published Research

Digital Therapeutics Care Utilizing Genetic and Gut Microbiome Signals for the Management of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders: Results From a Preliminary Retrospective Study

Read More

Leveraging Genomic Associations in Precision Digital Care for Weight Loss: Cohort Study

Read More

A Couple’s Personalized-Care Intervention for Weight-Loss and Diabetes based on DNA and Gut Biome Profiles: A Case Study

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Our Team

Ranjan Sinha

Founder & CEO “Every person deserves the right to understand their genetics and gut microbiome to live strong and disease free”

Dr. Daniel Almonacid

Cheif Scientific Officer “Two-thirds of our members who lose 2% or more weight reduce anxiety, depression and insomnia symptoms”

Sumi Paul

Head of Care “Your health story is unique, and we’re here to help you decipher it.”

Alec Thompson

Regional Head of Sales “What’s our secret sauce? It’s poop, spit, food as medicine, and elbow grease :)”

Aniiket Sengar

Marketing Lead “Our dent in the universe - helping individuals eliminate meds, surgeries, and diseases, and helping them live their healthiest lives”

Santosh Kumar Saravanan

Product lead “We're obsessed with a great member experience, and we go to great lengths to ensure it”

Vidhya Singaravel

Data Ops lead “Our success looks like thousands of happy smiles from our members who have transformed their health in the program.”

We prioritize privacy

We keep your information secure and confidential
because your privacy matters. We will not share your individual-level information with
any third party without your explicit consent.

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