Ranjan Sinha

July 13, 2022

Virgin Pulse expands curated ecosystem with Digbi Health to address rising health and wellbeing needs

Clients and their members have integrated access to more solutions supporting areas including caregiver support, digestive health, sleep habits, and financial wellbeing.

Providence, R.I., July 13, 2022 – Virgin Pulse, the leading global digital-first health and wellbeing company, today announced the addition of five new partners to its ecosystem, providing more access to areas of growing importance for clients and users, including caregiver support, digestive health, sleep habits, and financial wellbeing. Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem streamlines access to more than 70 specialty solutions, making it easy for companies to connect members with a broad range of high-impact health and wellbeing programs.

The following five partners are joining the Virgin Pulse partner ecosystem:

  • Cariloop – Caregiver support
  • Digbi Health – Digestive health
  • Fidelity Investments – Financial wellbeing (international/non-US)
  • SleepFit – Adult sleep improvement
  • SleepWellBaby – Infant parenting support

Human resources and benefits leaders have more options than ever, with over 350,000 health-related apps now available via app stores.* Careful vetting is necessary to determine which programs are most effective, engaging, and secure. Virgin Pulse’s comprehensive review process ensures each partner within its ecosystem maintains the highest privacy and security standards, drives member engagement, and is focused on delivering health and cost-savings outcomes.

Virgin Pulse eliminates administrative burdens by completing these comprehensive reviews of all new partners along with handling vendor contracting, procurement, and billing on behalf of clients.

“We’re continuously striving to expand our partner ecosystem with solutions that address issues of greatest interest for our clients and users,” said Winston Ball, vice president, partner ecosystem at Virgin Pulse. “These latest additions are reflective of some of the top trends in health. For example, digestive diseases are one of the most prevalent causes of disability in the workforce, with 20 million Americans suffering from chronic digestive diseases.** We are in the best position to increase awareness, access, and utilization of these specialty partners and get them in the hands of those who will benefit the most.”

Diverse and Customizable Partner Ecosystem Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem helps companies close gaps in care across more than 20 health and wellbeing categories while addressing the most common and costly health concerns. To optimize program utilization and user experience, all partner solutions are seamlessly integrated and accessible through Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health® experience, which provides a single entry point to comprehensive digital capabilities and live services, as well as the partner ecosystem. Combined with personalized recommendations and incentives, the platform guides members to make the best possible decisions at every stage of their health and wellbeing journey. Usage data shows that four times more members are engaged with select partner solutions integrated into Virgin Pulse versus standalone deployments.

Virgin Pulse also offers its one-contract VP+ partner bundle program, which enables employers and health plans to easily curate a suite of pre-vetted, pre-integrated partner solutions that meet the needs of their populations. More information about the new partners joining the Virgin Pulse partner ecosystem:

Caregiver Support: Cariloop

To ensure that no one goes through caregiving alone, Cariloop is arming families with the world’s first human-powered Caregiver Support Platform. Creating a seamless balance of human touch and tech, Cariloop pairs families with a licensed or certified Care Coach through its cloud-based platform to help them plan for and manage every aspect of their journey of caring for loved ones. Fueled by the core values of Service, Empathy, Innovation, and Integrity, Cariloop’s mission is to help relieve stress and anxiety felt by all caregivers.

Digestive Health: Digbi Health

Digbi Health provides convenient virtual care to people living with polychronic conditions associated with gastrointestinal and cardiometabolic illnesses. Digbi uses AI to harness genetic, gut microbiome, clinical, lifestyle, and behavioral signals to deliver tailored whole-person care, which includes food as medicine, behavioral coaching support, remote monitoring, and MD-connected care coordination to equitably target the root cause of illness.

Financial Wellbeing (international/non-US): Fidelity Investments

Fidelity’s mission has remained the same since their founding as a privately-held company over 75 years ago: to strengthen the financial well-being of their clients. Fidelity helps people invest and plan for their future, and supports companies to deliver benefits to their employees. Fidelity’s global financial wellness solution is a customizable, internationally-applicable digital platform across multiple languages, aimed at improving employees’ knowledge and confidence around personal finances, enabling informed decisions to improve financial outcomes, and providing employers with powerful insights to elevate strategy.

Adult Sleep Improvement: Sleepfit

Sleepfit is an evidence-based digital sleep solution that uses science and the knowledge of sleep experts to ensure adults get the sleep they need. It is designed to boost performance, safety, and wellbeing through sleep awareness, sleep disorder screening, and kick-starting healthy sleep habits. Sleepfit works with innovative employers and insurers to provide scalable, affordable, and measurable sleep improvement programs. Sleepfit’s digital program lowers healthcare costs, increases employees’ productivity, and improves the individual’s quality of life. Infant Parenting Support: SleepWellBaby SleepWellBaby is the baby-led sleep and settling app that empowers parents to be their child’s sleep expert, while providing critical mental health support for parents. We translate cutting-edge research and a proven approach that helps more than 60,000 babies and toddlers every year. SleepWellBaby delivers evidence-based parenting advice and tools on baby sleep and settling to parents with children 0-3 years old to improve child health outcomes, reduce parental mental health issues, and shorten the return-to-work period.

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