Ranjan Sinha

November 30, 2019

Digbi Health's Gut Biome and DNA-Based Weight Loss and Diabetes Management Program Launches with a Large Health Plan in California

Access to Personalized, Proven, Digital Therapeutics for Obesity and Diabetes Redefines Precision Care and Disease Management

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 25, 2019. Digbi Health's clinically validated, personalized obesity, pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes management program tailored to a person's DNA, gut biome, lifestyle preferences, and ethnicity is now available to eligible members on the health plan's wellness navigation platform. A digital therapeutics and community health network that is the largest in the industry, the platform was created in collaboration with Solera Health to help consumers holistically manage their health.

Digbi Health's availability on the platform gives members access to a powerful, proven, DNA and gut microbiome-based precision care and personalized lifestyle medicine tool that is tailored to their unique biology and lifestyle.

"Doctors and payers understand that obesity and diabetes are multifactorial diseases, and one-size-fits-all diet and exercise weight loss and diabetes programs do not deliver patient engagement and sustained health results," said Ranjan Sinha, CEO, and founder of Digbi Health. "We are the first company to operationalize a DNA and gut microbiome-based prescription-grade platform for doctors and payers to deliver weight loss and diabetes programs at scale."

"Digbi Health is a strong fit for their wellness platform, which is designed to drive sustained engagement and outcomes by matching members to the program that best meets their needs," said Brenda Schmidt, CEO, Solera Health.

The large health plan in California, an innovative health insurer with 4.3 million members, launched the platform in June. The digital therapeutics platform, powered by Solera, features a selection of about 70 digital health apps (out of more than 300,000 currently available in the Apple App Store), curated for clinical effectiveness and consumer preference.

About Digbi Health

Digbi Health is a first-of-its-kind precision digital therapeutics (pDTx) company that offers a prescription-grade digitally delivered personalized obesity and diabetes management program based on an individual's gut biome, DNA, blood markers, and lifestyle factors. Digbi Health and members of its precision care MD network are committed to empowering people to take control of their own health and wellness. Digbi Health is prescribed by doctors, health care providers, and insurance companies. Digbi Health is currently conducting three Institutional Review Board approved human studies. Learn more at www.digbihealth.com. Or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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