Ranjan Sinha

July 05, 2021

Digbi Health Strengthens Medical and Science team to support Digestive and Mental Health

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - July 5, 2021 - Digbi Health the first company with a clinically-proven genetics and gut-microbiome based digital care program to safely and sustainably treat and manage polychronic conditions - obesity, inflammatory gut, skin, mental and cardiometabolic health issues - is pleased to announce the appointments of Dr. Daniel Almonacid, as Chief Scientific Officer, and Dr. Parambir S. Dulai joins as Medical Director, Digestive and Mental Health, effective immediately.

As Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Almonacid will be responsible for overseeing research strategy, developing R&D assets and patent portfolios to deliver improved clinical efficacy of Digbi programs. Dr. Almonacid has managed teams that have developed computational and molecular biology tools and pipelines to identify correlations between microbiomes and the phenotypes of their hosts, developed and validated microbiome and antibody clinical screening tests, computationally repurposed FDA-approved drugs for different types of cancer, re- engineered proteins for a variety of biotechnological applications, and designed novel peptides and small molecules targeting the interactions between the human microbiome and their host in several clinical conditions. His work has resulted in 25 scientific publications, 79 granted US patents, 32 published US patents, and has participated as PI or scientist in 10 scientific grants in Europe, North and South America.

Dr. Dulai is a board-certified gastroenterologist with clinical and scientific expertise in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and clinical trial methodology. He is the recipient of the 2019 American Gastroenterology Association research scholar award and currently runs several multi-center studies including multi-center clinical trials. Dr. Dulai is a reviewer in gastroenterology journals and presents his research at national and international conferences. He has been published in over 150 scientific articles. He will bring clinical insights and perspective in the development of digestive health products.

“Increasing evidence suggests that gut microbiome, gut health and genetics play a significant role in improving physical and mental health and act as an early warning system for inflammatory illness,” said Ranjan Sinha, Founder and CEO, Digbi Health. “I’m delighted to welcome Dr. Almonacid and Dr. Dulai to the Digbi team of MDs, scientists, bioinformaticians, software engineers to further innovate on precision care for inflammatory, polychronic illnesses associated with obesity and mental health. Both appointments bring a rare combination of clinical and scientific experience, product and research leadership, and operational knowledge for scaling our operations,” said Sinha.

About Digbi Health

Digbi Health is a first-of-its-kind precision digital therapeutics company that offers a prescription-grade digitally enabled personalized obesity and obesity-related gut, skin disorders, hypertension and other cardiometabolic health management programs based on an individual’s gut biome, genetic risks, blood markers, and lifestyle factors. Digbi Health is prescribed by doctors, health care providers, and insurance companies. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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