Ranjan Sinha

October 29, 2021

Commercial creamery employees and dependents granted full access to Digbi health preventative care

Digbi Health, an AI-powered, precision digital therapeutics platform that uses gut microbiome and host genetic information, proudly announces that its preventative care platform will be widely available to all Commercial Creamery employees and dependents.

Aimed at reducing polychronic illnesses by healing the gut, Digbi Health uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create personalized nutrition and exercise plans based on an individual’s unique genetic makeup to tackle obesity and common comorbidities like IBS, acid reflux, diabetes and musculoskeletal pain. Digbi also offers mental health support targeted at reducing headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression and insomnia - all of which are rampant among the workforce.

Employers care about their employees health as it’s not secret health is paramount to workplace productivity and employee happiness. As mental and physical illnesses continue to rise in the workplace, employers are yearning for innovative benefit plans that provide individualized care to each employee. Digbi Health provides employers with cutting-edge benefit plans that are both preventive and holistic, meeting each member exactly where they are at and what they are willing to do. Commercial Creamery is proud to offer Digbi Health to all of its employees, spouses and covered dependents 18 and older.

Digibi Health generates compelling clinical grade outcomes that reduce polychronic disease symptoms. The program also offers therapy tools and support through the Digbi app and empowers members to take control of their mental health through food, prebiotics, lifestyle and data insights.

Seventy two percent of Digbi Health participants saw an 8.92 percent average weight loss as well as improvement in blood sugar levels, anxiety/depression, acid reflux, IBS, chronic pain, skin issues and more -- all issues stemming from gut imbalances.

About Digbi Health

Available on the wellness navigation platform of a large health plan in California, Digbi Cares™ is a next-generation, prescription-grade digital therapeutic platform, polychronic mental and physical illness. We use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze genetics, gut bacteria, lifestyle habits, socioeconomic and behavioral risk patterns to create evidence-based personalized nutrition, fitness, sleep, and stress management programs. It is proven to reverse obesity, improve mental health and reduce inflammatory gut, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and insulin-related illnesses.

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