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  • 30% discount on the Digbi Health program
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Want to experience truly personalized whole-person care that’s based on your Genetics and Gut Biome?

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What you get

Everything you need to heal your gut, lose weight, improve mental health, and
achieve cardiometabolic fitness

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At-home DNA and Gut
Microbiome Testing

Understand how your gut and DNA react to your
food, environment, and lifestyle

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Meal plans personalized
to your gut, genes, and palate

Get nutrition and fitness plans that are uniquely
designed for your body, ancestry, and lifestyle

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A dedicated coach+

Work with your coach to make small but powerful
changes to reach your health goals

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Mobile app
and lifestyle tracker

Monitor your meals, sleep, stress, cravings,
digestive health, and much more

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Educational content
and classes

Learn more about your body and join sessions on
Yoga, stress management, and self-care

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Join a safe and positive space with fellow members

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Loved and trusted by thousands
of members

Our results… Healthier you!


lose weight and improve cardiometabolic health
improved mental health and reduced anxiety
have reversed IBS, bloating, gassiness, constipation and acid reflux
have reported reduced skin inflammation, acne, eczema, psoriasis and seasonal rashes
Source: Blue Shield of CA Press Release

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Digbi is for those
who wish to:

  • Lose weight sustainably and naturally
  • Reverse gut health issues
  • Have the energy to do more
  • Live disease-free
  • Improve mental health and reduce anxiety
  • Say goodbye to skin conditions
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health conditions
we target

High Cholesterol
Chronic Skin Issues
Weight-related illnesses
Chronic Pain
Fatty Liver
Chronic Stress/Anxiety

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We prioritize privacy

We keep your information secure and confidential
because your privacy matters. We will not share your individual-level information with
any third party without your explicit consent.

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