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The only personalized wellness platform based on your DNA & gut biome.

Build a healthy personalized relationship with food & fitness by discovering what you should be eating, the types of workouts that are best for your body, and how to feel rejuvenated from our customized nutrition & lifestyle guide.

Be Your Best Self

Empower yourself with the most advanced, evidence based personalized food & wellness platform.

The app is available for purchase to pair with your Core+ program.
The report includes information related to any risks you may face, like obesity and inflammation’
We'll recommend diet & lifestyle changes to help ease any existing ailments that you may suffer from
You'll learn about your daily energy levels, and how to feel your best
With your purchase, you get 1 gut biome sample kit and 1 DNA sample kit.

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You pay a one-time fee of $249 for Core +, which includes your dna kit, gut biome kit, and your health reports.
I have 23andMe results (save $50)
Awesome! You'll save $50 off of your payment.
Notes: It is very helpful to have blood results. Only order 1-product at a time. In checkout, use the email that you will use for your Digbi Health account.
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You get gut biome & gene kits

We'll send you gut biome and genetic sample kits, so that we can discover what will best help you on your health journey.



You get: Personalized Food Recommendations

We analyze your genes, gut bacteria and blood markers to determine the ideal ratio of nutrients that your body needs to burn fat.



You get a: Personalized Gut Health Report

You'll learn about the abundance of bacteria in your gut that you are able to consume that help you digest lactose, gluten, sweeteners, and more.



You get a: Personalized Fitness Report

We analyze 20+ genes associated with physical activity, and your gut to learn about your oxygen utilization and cellular energy metabolism.



You get a: Vitamin Metabolism Report

Learn how well you assimilate key vitamins and minerals to boost your energy, improve immunity, and enhace antioxidant metabolism.



You get a: Food Sensitivity Report

Find out if you have a genetic predisposition to prefer sweets, to be lactose intolerant, to be at risk for caffeine related cardiac risk, and more.



You get a: Personalized Prebiotic Report

We’ll study your lactobacillus, akkermansia and bifidobacterium (3-types of gut bacteria) to help inform our dietary recommendations.

Personalized Food
Personalized Gut
Health Report
Fitness Report
Vitamin Metabolism
Food Sensitivity
Prebiotic Report

The app

You also get our app, free!

Track 9-key metrics, like stress, energy, and weight, to help you better understand how your lifestyle and diet choices affect your health.

Remove the Guesswork

from Eating & Exercise

Remove the Guesswork

from Eating & Exercise


We like to do things that we’re good at, and a study conducted by Lancashire University found that people who properly match endurance & power exercises to their genotype, increase their likelihood for significant improvement in that activity by over 20x.


A study conducted by Stanford University found that people lose 2.5x more weight when eating & exercising to their genetic strengths.


DNA tests reveal if an individual is carrying an FTO allele, the presence of which increases your risk of becoming obese by 30%.