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Your Weight Loss trajectory

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of members in our care have
reached their weight loss goal.

35% of them are in your age group
40% of them belong to your gender
About 30% have same issues as you

Your Gut Microbiome

And what it can do for you

A healthy, balanced, continuously monitored gut microbiome has been proven to improve mental
health, skin, immunity and reduce chronic inflammatory pain, digestive and cardiometabolic disorders

Optimizing gut health is an essential part of achieving our personal health goals, improving energy and mood, and preventing chronic disease. Digbi has helped several of my patients by customizing lifestyle programs to their unique gut microbiome.

Dr. Ron Sinha

Expert on Corporate Wellness
Founder of Cultural Health Solutions

Digbi Digestive


Our award-winning gut health monitoring program puts Digestive health at the center of your lifestyle. Ideal for those who are suffering from Reverse IBS, Acid Reflux, Chronic Constipation, Diarrhea, Gassiness, Bloating and might want to lose weight.

Subscription includes

Personalized Care Plan + Precise Science

  • In depth analysis of your gut microbiome
  • In depth insights into your genetic food and lifestyle risks
  • Chat, phone, zoom access to coaches, gut health expert , GI coaches, meal planner
On-Going Gut Microbiome monitoring to track probiotics and reduce inflammation
Digbi Health App access & Meal Planning
At Home Genetic test kit
Group Zoom session - Yoga, Managing Stress, Sleep Better, Cooking
At home gut health monitoring kits (2 per year)
Personalized Prebiotics Pack (fiber) - to support your Probiotics ( good bacteria)
Continuous monitoring for genetic insights- Food, Fitness, Inflammation, Eye Health, Skin Health etc.

What you will get and when?

1 - 90 days
91 - 180 days
181 - 270 days
271 - 360 days

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Ready to start your Health Journey?

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