What services do you provide?

Digbi Health is a personalized nutrition and wellness platform. We test your DNA obtained from your saliva and your microbiome - the naturally occurring organisms in your gut (obtained by swabbing your poop) - to determine what kinds of foods, exercise, and other behaviors can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. We provide a comprehensive wellness report, access to curated food recipes, and online nutrition and wellness coaching.

Why should I follow a personalized nutrition plan?

A personalized nutrition plan recommends food recipes and wellness tips customized to your unique biology. Instead of providing you with “one-size-fits-all” recommendations, we provide a plan based on your DNA, gut microbiome, and blood markers that will help YOU achieve maximum wellness.

How do I receive my reports?

Fill in your intake questionnaire and submit your saliva and gut samples, and you will receive your Personalized Wellness Report within 4-6 weeks.

When will my kits arrive?

Your kits should arrive within 2 weeks, and after you submit your samples, it may take another 4-6 weeks for you to get your results back.

Why do I need to register my kits?

Registering your kits helps us keep track of whose kits belong to whom so that we can produce the most accurate wellness report for you.

How does my spit become a report?

From your spit we get samples of your DNA, or your genes - a roadmap of your biology that you were born with. Your DNA encodes everything from how tall you are, to your eye color and hair curl, to whether beer tastes bitter to you or whether you think your pee smells funny after you eat asparagus (fun fact, but everyone’s pee smells after eating asparagus, but only some folks can smell it). We curate the latest in wellness and genetics research to produce a report about what your genes say about your health, body, and wellness.

How does my poop become a report?

Millions of different kinds of bacteria live in your gut. We sample your poop to get a snapshot of what kinds specifically inhabit you. We then collaborate with uBiome, a leader in gut microbiome analysis, and curate the latest in wellness and microbiome research to produce a report about what your poop says about your health.

Do I have to get my blood drawn?

No, but providing us with updated blood marker results will allow us to tailor the best nutrition plan for your biology.

Can I use Digbi Health instead of visiting a doctor?

No. While Digbi Health plans and recommendations are based on strong, curated research, it cannot replace the care of your licensed physician. We recommend that you discuss all participation in nutrition and wellness programs with your own physicians.

Is there an option to purchase the meals directly from you?

At this time we only provide access to curated online recipes, but you still have to purchase the foods and ingredients yourself.

Are any of your products covered by insurance?

Will my health insurance cover the cost of Digbi Health?

At this time, Digbi Health is not covered by your health insurance, but we are working on it! In the meantime, a portion of the costs may be covered by health savings and flexible spending plans (HSAs/FSAs). Check your plan for coverage as individual plans may vary.

How do you keep my data safe and secure?

We have a number of methods to keep your information safe. These include securely monitored and HIPAA compliant websites, encrypted hard drives, and limiting the number of people with access to your data.

I no longer wish to subscribe to Digbi Health.

Please email us at support@3TandAi.com and let us know that you wish to terminate your account. Unsubscribing from our service does not entitle you to a refund for services rendered.