Digbi Year in review: 2021

Ranjan Sinha

December 30, 2021

As we close out 2021, we’re so excited to celebrate everything Digbi and its members have accomplished! Here’s Digbi by the numbers:*

Members reduced chronic physical conditions


Image by Digbi Health

Members improved mental health

Our members healed their guts, ultimately calming and nourishing their minds.

Image by Digbi Health

Members lost weight…

29,034 lbs were shed!


The community grew

Without you, we wouldn’t have such a supportive, accountable community of thousands of members. Come join our community today!

Image by Digbi Health

2022 WILL BE EVEN HEALTHIER. We can’t wait to continue our journeys to good health with you throughout 2022!

*Members who have lost weight with Digbi Health

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