TESTING DEVELOPMENT Beverly Ibarrola Joins Digbi Health as VP Product and Community Marketing, Elevating its Personalized Healthcare Solutions

Digbi Health, a leader in gut-microbiome and genetics-based telehealthcare, is pleased to announce that Beverly Ibarrola joined the Digbi team as its new Vice President of Product and Community Marketing.

Beverly’s vast experience in product strategy and marketing will amplify the visibility of Digbi’s Health Programs and promote its precision healthcare solutions for obesity and digestive health. By harnessing advanced technology and precise treatments, Digbi Health empowers individuals to actively manage chronic diseases based on unique genetic, gut microbiome and metabolic profiles.

CEO of Digbi Health, Ranjan Sinha, warmly welcomes Beverly, expressing, ”Her strategic insight and passion for innovation will boost our product marketing and deepen our user engagement. We’re collectively dedicated to making chronic illness optional.”

“Joining Digbi Health, a firm reshaping healthcare with bespoke treatments, is deeply gratifying,” Beverly added. “I look forward to collaborating with the extraordinary team at Digbi Health, and contributing to solutions that tackle obesity, diabetes, and over 400 other controllable conditions. Together, we’ll make a profound impact on global health.”

Digbi Health pioneered the use of precision biology to prevent and treat obesity and digestive health. Leveraging precision biology, Digbi Health creates personalized health management programs that reduce the need for medications and guides individuals on a path to a healthier, disease free life.

For more information, visit digbihealth.com or contact digbi@digbihealth.com.

Author: Ranjan Sinha

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