Happy Gut, Healthy Employees

The Gut-Brain Axis

Gut health has an impact on your physical as well as mental well-being. It dictates your focus, and sleep quality, and can also stifle an individual's productivity over time.

Workplace Mental Health

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of addressing employee well-being from the perspective of mental health. It is now a key challenge for both employers & employees.

Building a Healthy Workplace

The gut-brain axis is a revolutionary concept that has helped benefit and rewards leaders to understand the mental well-being of the workforce from the lens of gut health.

Less Anxiety, Better Focus

Anxiety and chronic stress hinder a person's capacity to perform physical tasks. They also decrease cognitive performance 20% of the time and roughly 35% of the time.

Healthy Gut = Happier You

Gut bacteria secrete happy hormones! Gut & mental health are closely linked. An unhealthy gut has a direct impact on mood and serotonin secretion in the body.

Better Sleep Cycle

The cost of productivity losses due to fatigue is nearly $1,967 per employee per year in the US. Employees who have a decent sleep cycle outperform those with sleep issues.

Tone Down the Stress

A strong gut results in a strong mind. Stress has been associated with decreased performance at work due to health issues like anxiety, chronic stress, and emotional disorder

Know Your Gut

The most effective strategy is to figure out which foods are best for you based on your DNA and gut microbiome – which is exactly what Digbi delivers.

Protect Their Gut

Empower your workforce with the knowledge of their genetics and gut microbes, and enable them to live healthy, disease-free lives.